Come Share Your Blog with Phoebe! | Blogging Tips

Hi, friends! Come share your blog with Pheobe by click on the link below:

Phoebe, MD: Medicine & Poetry

Come Share Your Blog

This is an easy way to meet fellow bloggers, as well as get the word out on your site! Give it a try!

Do you know other blogs doing similar blog sharing posts? Let me know in the comments below!

If you just build your blog but never interact with other bloggers, you’ll find it very hard to reach your full potential on WordPress! So don’t be shy and give it a try!

Want to get to know more about me? Check out my “About” page!

Come Share Your Blog!

Author: Jay Bleu

An Original Blend of Perfume and Poetry

13 thoughts on “Come Share Your Blog with Phoebe! | Blogging Tips”

      1. From my short experiences in the blogging world, I’ve learned that people approach it a variety of ways! As for myself, I started to participate in a variety of tags that were meaningful to me. I guess I never saw it as promotion, but more as friendly interactions.

        So it started off with the Daily Word Prompts, FOWC with Fandango, VJ Knutson Weekly Prompts. Many people participate in these challenges because they’re fun and gives you great exposure. They will get a feel for how you feel about a variety of issues.

        I weave the words of the day with a message that clicked with me. People begin to get a feel of how I write. I started to follow other people that participated in those tags. I commented on their work: something that stood out to me, something I liked, etc. (I think that’s when I learned about you! When you commented on something I wrote 🙂 )

        When you begin to write content that invites people to be more interactive rather than just passively reading, that distinguishes yourself.

        I also use tags and key phrases on my posts, so that when people search into their Reader a key phrase, it’ll pop up. It helps me get connected to people who are genuinely interested in learning more about the topic.

        Also, I occasionally promote other bloggers by giving a short piece on something they wrote that meant something to me. Promotion of others is one way to promote yourself as being supportive of others in the blogosphere.


      2. Wow, thanks for all the advice, Sa! Would you do me a favor and copy and paste this as a comment on my post about how to start a poetry blog? It’s the first post on my page. I think it would make for a great discussion there!


      3. 🙂 Who knew sharing your personal experience can be seen as advice? You’re welcome! I also enjoyed entering photography contests which is a wonderful way to gain exposure as well.


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