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*Please note. This post has been updated. Find the new version here: “Writing Block Ideas | Jan. 2019 Edition”

If you’re not in the zone, don’t write.

Yes, that’s my best advice for writers block ideas. If you have to force the poem together, then it’s not right.

“But, Joey Blue,” you will say, “how do I get in the zone?”

Today I am going to give you one of my best writer’s tips. I never thought I would do it. But, to date, I have only lost money on my blog. I am not relying on this to make a living. So why not share my ideas with the world, so that we can all make great poetry together.

My best advice is very simple:

Let the music take you there.

That’s my tip (very simple). Do you have a song that really moves your heart? That touches your soul? Then I challenge you to do this. Turn that music on in your headphones, close your eyes, and let the words start flowing from your soul. Let the pen translate the feelings that are rising in you. And let the music take you there.

But, if music is not really your thing, don’t worry. I have a second tip that works just as well.

Let a picture inspire.

My second tip is also great. If you need writers block ideas, then try finding a picture that really grabs your attention or really pulls on your emotions. Then, just focus on that picture, and write what comes from your heart. For example, what does the picture below bring to your mind?

writers block ideas

This is a challenge I give to you for writers block ideas.

Next time you need writers block ideas, I challenge you to let the music take you there. Or find a picture and let it inspire. You may be surprised where you end up.

If you liked this post, check out this funny cartoon about “Writers’ Block” by Wrong Hands, as well as my poem “Will I Write Again Today?”

Photos by Steve Johnson ,Spencer Imbrock and Ales Dusa on Unsplash.

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Author: Jay Bleu

An Original Blend of Perfume and Poetry

12 thoughts on “Writers Block Ideas | Writing Tips”

      1. Thanks! I always make typos when I comment, too, and it drives me crazy! They should make a way to edit, after!


  1. You are so right – you can’t force a poem. At least i can’t do it. It just comes when it wants to and i type it up. Sometimes when i am stressed or all clogged up inside, the poems also stop. Then after some shaking up, they begin again. I just type them up and raised my heart in gratitude to the poem fairies. 🙂 Thank you for this conversation and these interesting ideas. 🙂


    1. Thank you Krishna, one of my top co-bloggers 😊. You make a great point, though. Usually stress dries up my writing as well. How do you usually snap out of that stress and back into creative thinking?


      1. You are soooo kind Joey. Music, prayer, walking in nature, silence — and most of all empty time creates space within – and then the words appear, like magic. 🙂 Thank you for asking and this post and conversation. 🙂


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