Remember that You’re Loved | Short Poem No. 56

“When your heart becomes a flood, remember that you’re loved.”

I want to tell you something

that you should hear today.

I hope you find it touching;

to move your heart some way.

Don’t feel that you’re not special

on days you are alone.

My words come very gentle

to give your heart a home.

You are my one-and-only

and always on my mind.

So when you’re feeling lonely,

remember that you’re mine.


When your heart becomes a flood,
remember that you’re loved.


Friends, did you ever feel like you need to be reminded that you are loved? That you are someone’s one-and-only, and that they are thinking about you? Did you ever think about how much someone might need to hear that same thing from you? If you haven’t yet, tell it to that important person in your life today.

After writing this poem, I came across another post that captures perfectly the same yearning to know we are loved. I hope you check it out: “You are loved, you are worth it.” by imkyhrnndz. And, if you haven’t yet, please check out my post from last week “Life Passes Like the Sun,” which reminds us that, in life, there are times we must let life go, and other times we can embrace it.

© Joey Blue and, 2019, except where noted. All rights reserved.

remember that you're loved

Photo by Meg on Unsplash

Author: Jay Bleu

I make beautiful fragrances come alive with creative writing while exploring life through poetry.

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