Riding on this Rollercoaster | Short Poem. No. 69

Riding on this Rollercoaster
Photo by Haley Lawrence on Unsplash

I’ve been riding on this rollercoaster.
Except, this one takes a very long time.
Every day, the end is never closer.
It leaves me wondering when I’ll be fine.

I’m always in an up and down process.
But, over time, I’ve learned all of its turns.
There’s no surprises in any of this.
Just the dimming light of what my heart yearns.

Anxiety’s rising, crashing my brain!
Faster! Faster! It’s pumping through my heart!
Just in time, depression will come again.
And when the ride ends, I’m back to the start.

Just another pill to drop down the mouth.
Hope for the best before leaving my house.

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Don’t You Know You’re Worth It? | Short Poem No. 67

Oh my baby, don’t you know you’re worth it?
All the money in the world can’t buy you,
or the richest of men come and work it,
or the smartest scholars, with words so true.
You said “No!” to the sweet poets’ romance
and the lawyer with the strong arguments.
Doctors couldn’t even prescribe a chance
and the athletes quickly became past tense.

But this young, poor boy won you attention
with his simple and warm, true affection.

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Don't you know you're worth it
Photo by Devi Firdaus on Unsplash