Let It Go Again | Short Poem Number 72

Let it go again
Photo by pan xiaozhen on Unsplash

Let it go again.
Toss your regrets to the wind.
The soul, washed within.

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Author: Jay Bleu

An Original Blend of Perfume and Poetry

22 thoughts on “Let It Go Again | Short Poem Number 72”

    1. Thanks. I was recently at a funeral and they said that the person had lived their life without regrets. I think about certain things that can slowly eat away at a person on the inside. Like stress, hate, unforgiveness. But I think we often miss regret, because it has the perception of a redeeming quality that you acknowledge and feel bad for your past mistakes. But at some point, you have to let regrets go or they can be very harmful to your soul.

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      1. Yes. Instead of regretting past mistakes or situations, remember that you have learned from them and that they have made you the better person that you are today.


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