Aromatherapy of Essential Oils in Fragrances | Updated

Not Just a Luxury Item. . .

What is the “Aromatherapy of Essential Oils in Fragrances” all about? I don’t believe that fragrances are just a luxury item; I believe they’re just as much a form of therapy. Whether you’re just having a bad day and need something to lift you up. Or you need to present for a big meeting at work but your confidence is just not there. Maybe you’re looking for something to spice up date-night in your marriage. Fragrances have an answer for all of that.

This page is where I help you find fragrance notes to fit your every mood – or needed mood. And do you have any requests to include? Let me know in the the comment section (This post is updated regularly).

*Disclaimer – Although many of the points here have been proven in medical settings and cited from professional sources, I am neither a doctor nor a medical professional and my advice shouldn’t be taken as such.

Aromatherapy of Essential Oils in Fragrances
Photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash.

Agarwood/Oud – Strength to Overcome

Agarwood/Oud has been known to give a wearer quite a few benefits, such as relieving insomnia, stress, and depression. Personally, when I wear Agarwood/Oud, I feel empowered. It’s something I wear when I really want to be a “boss” at work, mixing elements of strength and seriousness.

Another interesting fact about Agarwood/Oud, is that the scent is produced by inducing stress to the Agarwood tree (in the form of a bacterial infection). The sap that the tree produces to fight this infection is what smells so nice. Likewise, Agarwood/Oud brings out our inner strength when we are being consumed by negative stressors, just as the tree releases its strong, beautifully aromatic sap when faced with a negative infection.

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Bergamot – The Confident Earl

As often said of other fragrance notes, Bergamot is both energizing and up-lifting. But it’s also widely known to give you a “leg-up” in your day by boosting your self-confidence. No wonder it’s used so much in fragrances!

Bergamot is great to wear when you have to present for an important meeting at work, and its like, citrusy scent also makes it ideal for sports or the gym. By the way, do you enjoy Earl Grey Tea? Bergamot is the main flavoring of this tea, which also happens to be one of my favorite kinds.

Iris – The Office Blues

Although Iris is a popular fragrance note in perfumes, there is not a lot of information available on its aromatic benefits. Some do attest the usual ones – that it’s encouraging and uplifting. Many online reviewers see this note as a fresh-and-clean, great for the office note.

Personally, strong Iris (who blooms a blue-ish colored flower) evokes slightly depressed and centered feelings in me. So I actually tend to stay away from anything that uses this note. But that’s an important thing to keep in mind – aromatherapy is not a science; different notes can evoke different feelings in different people. At the same time, its more fun that way, because we all have a kaleidoscope of fragrances to try – that can reach us all on different, individual levels.

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Author: Jay Bleu

An Original Blend of Perfume and Poetry

32 thoughts on “Aromatherapy of Essential Oils in Fragrances | Updated”

      1. That always makes a difference, when we smell like something the other person has never smelled before. There’s no pre-comparisons in our mind of other people we’ve met that smell like that, And leaves a unique impression.

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  1. That’s quite brave of you to use a perfume in lieu of bug spray while camping! Glad to know that it worked for you. I usually have the dilemma of DEET clashing with whatever perfume I’m wearing that day (for going outside in general), but I’d rather smell mismatched than get bitten by mosquitoes.

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    1. hmm. I rarely wear bugspray… but one day I went walking in the woods and was getting DESTROYED by bugs. I HAD to spray bugspray just to not go crazy. I realized I was wearing Rehab from Initio which is an all natural fragrance. I think that lacked whatever ingredients are normally in a perfume that stop them from being bug attracters!

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