Postcards Bring You Back | Poetry Remix No. 58

sunsets on beauty, postcards bring you back
Photo by Kharytonova Antonina on Unsplash

Postcards bring you back:
Moments I can’t recapture
outside of my heart.

Seize Self-Awareness

Chapter 2020. Honestly Self-Aware.

Β© Jonathan Swift and WritingWithStrangers, 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

Author: Jay Bleu

An Original Blend of Perfume and Poetry

11 thoughts on “Postcards Bring You Back | Poetry Remix No. 58”

  1. My in-laws traveled all over the world. I have kept every postcard they (and everyone else) ever sent me. It’s quite a history. Now as my husband and I travel, I send postcards to my grandchildren. They are so excited to get mail. Honestly, I get pretty excited to get mail that is personal, too. Thanks for the nice reminder.

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