Feel the Rhythm of Your Blog | Writing Tips

Feel the rhythm of your blog writing tips
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One of the best tips you can learn writing is to feel the rhythm of your blog… Are you like me? Loving to change your site around all the time? Try new ideas? Go off into new directions? That’s great! But what if those new directions are just a distraction to what makes your blog great?

This is where you have to feel the rhythm. Once you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ll begin to know which posts are garnishing a lot of interaction, and which ones are just getting the vague, usual “likes” (where you wonder if the person even read it before “liking”it). This is where you get to know your core audience.

WordPress is a great place for this because you get your own little world of interaction for your website among the big-big world of Google. So take your time to learn what people love about your posts. . .and which posts are just a distraction. After all, time, space and energy are all limited. So make sure it’s all useful.

At the same time… don’t be afraid to try new things! But when you do… leave it out there for a week and see how your base responds. If it’s just crickets chirping… it might be time to move on.

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Author: Jay Bleu

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5 thoughts on “Feel the Rhythm of Your Blog | Writing Tips”

  1. I remember first starting out like anyone else. Trying a little bit of everything. It was a frightening feeling like riding a bike without its training wheels for the first time! It’s amazing when you’re blog gets a heartbeat.

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    1. Sa, I love those comparisons. I just changed my log name, so in a way I feel like I’m back to my training-wheels! But starting to get my heartbeat back.


    1. haha yes, of course. I was writing this from the perspective of boosting traffic to your site. But if that is not high on your priority list, you can take a more individualistic approach to your posts. So I guess you contribute a great point to this post: First define your goals and how heavily you weigh each.

      If someone wanted that more individualist approach with less concern about a post being a distraction, I would at least recommend that they keep the pots well organized so that the hidden gems are there for those interested without blocking out the posts that would be much more widely appreciated.

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