This is My Story

my story
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I guess this part is where I let you know a little bit of my story…

“Scribbled to Paper”

By the time I started “The Fragrance Writer” in 2020, I had already been blogging about poetry for a few years (since 2017). I was inspired by my mother, who decided that, in her retirement, she would try something new – write and publish a book! I thought, if she was brave enough to try that, I should try something, too!

I knew I also had a skill of writing that was just lying dormant inside of me. It was time to bring it out, blow off the dust and start to develop it – to not waste it. So I started a poetry blog. My first one was called “Scribbled to Paper.” A year later, I started a new one, “The Poetry About Us,” which was a more refined version as I started learning the ropes a little bit. That blog eventually changed to “Writing with Strangers,” where I started focusing on the community aspect on blogging and collaborating with other writers.

Another Passion

But I had another passion in my life: Fragrances. This began as a mere nerdy past-time. I was trying to find, one day, online advice of which fragrances were better than another (I know, a pretty subjective idea). I soon discovered there was a whole online community where people rate fragrances, tell the stories about them and list all the notes and details of each. As an accountant, I fell in love with the idea of creating systems of classifications and organizations and ratings for different scents. Even more than that, I loved trying them and experiencing, not just how each one made me smell, but also how each one made me feel.

I now became a “frag-head. . .” Someone addicted to fragrances. I began building my fragrance collection. I started following all of the popular reviewers on YouTube. And I, too, became one of those guys that went on the online communities and starts leaving reviews for every fragrance he smelled.

Author: Jay Bleu

An Original Blend of Perfume and Poetry

39 thoughts on “This is My Story”

  1. Wow. I love the confidence and the aura this post is giving off. It just…I dont know, grabbed all of my attention. Fragrances…well, I want to share something I read lately in a book about neurology. Apparently, the world is odorless. Through the years, the brain developed to have a distinctive ‘smell’ to every object there is in the world. Isn’t that crazy? I honestly don’t have the strongest smelling sense, but I sure do have a strong attachment to poetry. Your work is really interesting =)

    What blew my mind the most is that…you’re writing with strangers?! I followed that blog and wow. I’m just so mind blown πŸ˜‚


    1. First, thanks for loving this! That’s what gives me the strength to keep writing! I really mean it!

      Second, sorry for confusing you on the blog name! I changed it overnight! Part of a bad habit of mine! haha. Once I saw my views drop I figured there are still people not making the connection! But I know overtime, those connections can be remade. Now if you remember Scribbled to Paper I’d be really impressed!

      Third, wow your statement on fragrances is like blowing my mind. I guess odor can be considered just something from our brain. It’s like asking, If a flower is in the woods and there’s no one to smell it, does it have a smell??


      1. I definitely didn’t make the connection but honestly this is the first time I’ve taken a break and actually scavenged wordpress from a looooong time.
        I don’t think so? I was a late follower. And I’m overflowing with the most random information-as you can see with the neurology thing πŸ˜‚

        Wow. I didn’t even think of that. There might be some flower feeling lonely that it hasn’t been known yet, but think about this…the wind will carry different smells, right? And sometimes you can’t identify this smell but you feel like you know it. Maybe, just maybe, it’s that lonely flower that doesn’t know that it is identified and aknolowedged. Good metaphor though πŸ˜‚

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      2. Well I’m glad you rediscovered my blog because we’re having a good time. And also, you know what, I’m going to honor that lonely flower by writing it a poem one day. That way it knows it hasn’t lived and smelled in vain!


      3. Ya… even the poor lonely flower in the forest needs some love. . . I’m glad I’m inspiring you. I was totally uninspired for a while but then I found my new spark writing about fragrances. So try something new! You never know!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. hey, Jay thank you for supporting and leaving awesome comments on my page. I have picked you for the awesome bloggers’ award. check my latest posts for the full thing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks I’m so honored! Looks like you might not be logged in since your name didn’t show, but I’m pretty sure this is Victoria! I’m going to check it out now. . .


      1. If you enjoy that, look into the company as they have several places in Paris and here along the Mediterranean. If one were serious about studying the manufacturing of fragrance, this would be the place to go.

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