This is My Story

“The Fragrance Writer”

Enter: Mandy Aftel. I didn’t know Mandy. I never heard of her.I didn’t know she had her own fragrance company, “Aftelier.” I was simply online one day looking for a Fragrance book I could read. I found a popular one called “Fragrant” [by Mandy Aftel]. It had good reviews and sounded like something I would like. So I clicked “Buy.”

Little did I know, this book would totally changed how I approached fragrances. The book as a whole is amazing. But there is one section in particular where Mandy starts explaining different ways to smell and discover of a fragrance. I started trying it out and implementing it into my online reviews. And my reviews went to a “whole nother level.” These new ons I was writing were different. They were deeper… they were more vivd…. and they were poetic.

It only took me a day or two to realize the obvious: It was time to combine my two passions… Poetry and Fragrance. I realized I could actually write my fragrance reviews as poetry on my blog. And I found people loved it! I mean, who doesn’t love a good fragrance in their life?

True and Original… and Pure

My blog is truly something special. It is so original that I never saw anyone else doing this – reviewing a fragrance through poetry. The internet is flooded with the same-ole fragrance reviews. I think people are getting tired of it. I provide them with someone fresh and tasty – an art form. Like me, it’s something they probably never saw before. But it’s more than that. It’s not just fragrance reviews.

My blog started as a poetry blog, and it still is, first and foremost, a poetry blog. I’m not a fragrance reviewer – I’m an artist. And I keep my blog artistically pure. I think that’s one thing that makes my posts so attractive. I’m not just writing a review for the sake of writing a review.

Each of my fragrance posts can stand on their own merit as poetry – even if you removed any mention of the fragrance from it. I keep it that way on purpose. I want to keep the poetic and artistic purity of the blog. I also continue to write non-fragrance related poetry. So when you come here, you know you’re not just reading a gimmick; you’re not just reading another fragrance review. You’re reading pure poetry – from my heart.

Originally Posted Here. ยฉ, 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

Author: Jay Bleu

โ€œI started writing poetry but fell in love with fragrances. So this is my new blend. . .โ€

36 thoughts on “This is My Story”

  1. Wow. I love the confidence and the aura this post is giving off. It just…I dont know, grabbed all of my attention. Fragrances…well, I want to share something I read lately in a book about neurology. Apparently, the world is odorless. Through the years, the brain developed to have a distinctive ‘smell’ to every object there is in the world. Isn’t that crazy? I honestly don’t have the strongest smelling sense, but I sure do have a strong attachment to poetry. Your work is really interesting =)

    What blew my mind the most is that…you’re writing with strangers?! I followed that blog and wow. I’m just so mind blown ๐Ÿ˜‚


    1. First, thanks for loving this! That’s what gives me the strength to keep writing! I really mean it!

      Second, sorry for confusing you on the blog name! I changed it overnight! Part of a bad habit of mine! haha. Once I saw my views drop I figured there are still people not making the connection! But I know overtime, those connections can be remade. Now if you remember Scribbled to Paper I’d be really impressed!

      Third, wow your statement on fragrances is like blowing my mind. I guess odor can be considered just something from our brain. It’s like asking, If a flower is in the woods and there’s no one to smell it, does it have a smell??


      1. I definitely didn’t make the connection but honestly this is the first time I’ve taken a break and actually scavenged wordpress from a looooong time.
        I don’t think so? I was a late follower. And I’m overflowing with the most random information-as you can see with the neurology thing ๐Ÿ˜‚

        Wow. I didn’t even think of that. There might be some flower feeling lonely that it hasn’t been known yet, but think about this…the wind will carry different smells, right? And sometimes you can’t identify this smell but you feel like you know it. Maybe, just maybe, it’s that lonely flower that doesn’t know that it is identified and aknolowedged. Good metaphor though ๐Ÿ˜‚

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      2. Well I’m glad you rediscovered my blog because we’re having a good time. And also, you know what, I’m going to honor that lonely flower by writing it a poem one day. That way it knows it hasn’t lived and smelled in vain!


      3. Ya… even the poor lonely flower in the forest needs some love. . . I’m glad I’m inspiring you. I was totally uninspired for a while but then I found my new spark writing about fragrances. So try something new! You never know!

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  2. hey, Jay thank you for supporting and leaving awesome comments on my page. I have picked you for the awesome bloggers’ award. check my latest posts for the full thing

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    1. Thanks I’m so honored! Looks like you might not be logged in since your name didn’t show, but I’m pretty sure this is Victoria! I’m going to check it out now. . .


      1. If you enjoy that, look into the company as they have several places in Paris and here along the Mediterranean. If one were serious about studying the manufacturing of fragrance, this would be the place to go.

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