Sometimes I Find a Blank | Poetry Interlude

sometimes I find
Photo by Brandable Box on Unsplash

Sometimes I find a _______.

I shut my eyes.
I ask myself how I feel.
I am my best therapist.
Am I my best therapist?

I ask myself
What am I hiding
(hiding or hiding from?)
in the basement of my mind.
My conscience calls
But alas, no answer.

I’m disheartened
To search myself
And discover nothing.
I come home
empty handed.

I find a monster
like that from a
Stephen King novel
and I regret
I ever searched
in the first place.

What do you find
When you search

Or do you move
from place to place
with the same, old box
Always sealed?

A Lonely Pinwheel. Chapter 2020. Honestly Self-Aware. ©, 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

Author: Jay Bleu

An Original Blend of Perfume and Poetry

46 thoughts on “Sometimes I Find a Blank | Poetry Interlude”

  1. This reminds me of changing my wardrobe season after season, some clothes have not been worn for years. I am not sure how I fell in love with the clothes and made a purchase. Once it is in my possession, they become ordinary to me. And yet I am too indecisive to part with them.

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    1. Then you and I are opposites! Anything I don’t wear I usually give away. You should look up “Capsule Wardrobes” on YouTube. #TimeForSpringCleaning except it’s autumn for you down under


  2. I don’t think I’m my best therapist. I critique too much-on things that may or may not deserve praise. I’m too harsh and accusatory. But I find that I understand myself the most, and I’m working on being my own hero. I hope you get that box opened someday..and I hope I do too =)

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    1. Wow what a great comment… to you your own hero. You should write about that (if you haven’t yet). Self therapy is a double edged sword because we know things about us that no one else does, but it’s also impossible to give an unbiased opinion on ourselves. And then, if we start over thinking things, we’ll get really lost!


      1. That requires a lot of prodding to my mind and it definitely doesn’t like that. I’m actually writing notes every now and then about things like that and it really does heal. It helps you admit things that you won’t acknowledge. Here, sir, is a professional overthinker that is completing her studies on getting random information that won’t ever be useful and thinking about it, leading to being an insomniac. :3


      2. Well, madam take some of those notes and turn them into posts! I’d love to read them! And nothing better to do during quarantine then be an insomniac!!! haha

        Actually, I just remembered, relevant to my discussion, it started a theme this year for my blog called “2020 Self-Awareness,” like 20-20 vision. But then, you know, I decided to totally switch my blog one day and start writing about fragrances. So that theme has been lacking as of late! You can borrow it if you want =)


  3. I admit, I rarely read poetry. It’s just not a medium that I ‘get’ easily, and yet every once in a while I’m rocked on my heels by one that talks to me … like this one.

    I’ve read through this poem several times now. It is a beautiful piece of writing where each line is powerful on its own and yet supports the entire piece, with a gut-kick at the end.

    I’ll say it again – beautiful writing!!

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    1. Thanks, I’m so honored because this poem was written in just a few minutes times, just immediate inspiration. Thanks for making my day!

      And I can totally understand your personality because, unfortunately, most of my friends and family are not poetry-readers either! I’m the strange duck!


      1. And that’s why the blogging community is such a powerful one. We get to meet like-minded people, learn from each other, and draw inspiration from them.

        Whether it’s poetry, stories, or a form of personal journaling, it’s all about a love of words.

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      2. Exactly. I am a poetry fragrance blog but I love reading anything on here that catches my mind or heart, and meeting anyone that wants to share this blogging journey together! #WritingTogether. That was actually the theme of my previous blog, “Writing with Strangers.”

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      1. Some times the mind is not even able to accept reality and cannot open those bags. But I’m not a professional psychiatrist 😉 But that was in a movie I saw #Repression

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      1. Now when I read it again, they do have similar tinge. Perhaps that’s why I connected with this poem of yours right away. I wrote mine last night at 3-4 am when I couldn’t sleep. It’s therapeutic….though I was tired this morning 😉

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