Are You on this Ride Too? | Poetry Interlude

Riding on this Rollercoaster. are you on this ride too
Photo by Haley Lawrence on Unsplash

Are you on this ride too?
Seems like the wait is taking a long time.
It’s been a while but I’m not closer.
I’m starting to wonder if I’ll be fine. . .

Are you on this ride as well?
After a while I’ve learned all its turns.
There’s no shake or jolt that will surprise me.
But after every ride, the beast still yearns.

Anxiety rises until it breaks,
Pumping faster and faster through my heart.
Just to dive through tunnels of depression.
And when it ends, we’ll be back at the start.

Are you going to ride again?
Just another pill to drop down the mouth.
Hope for the best before leaving your house.

I wrote this poem in response to my thyroid medicine. Thyroiditis can lead to all sorts of emotional disturbances, including anxiety, depression or even a while ride between both. Getting put on medicine can alter your hormones and emotions as well – just making for a harder ride – while just hoping the right dosage will be found and you can finally have peace.

I hope you’re not on this ride, too.

Sometimes I find a blank. . . Chapter 2020. Honestly Self-Aware. ยฉ 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

Author: Jay Bleu

An Original Blend of Perfume and Poetry

45 thoughts on “Are You on this Ride Too? | Poetry Interlude”

  1. I can relate to this though I’m not on thyroid medicine. It took me years to find the right combination for manic depression, and some of the side effects I endured were paranoia, anxiety and skin rashes. So yes, in a way, I’m on the ride too.

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    1. Different rides, same theme park. In some ways, we may be experiencing similar things but just due to different causes. However, I wouldn’t say mine is as sever because I never was officially considered manic or got rashes, etc. Although I did start to get unexplained allergic outbreaks on my lips which were very painful and I always wondered if the changes in my body chemistry was causing it. Anyways, I hope you get it worked out. . . I can share some of your pain.

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      1. Proverbs 4:20-24ย  (NIV)
        My son,ย pay attention to what I say;
        turn your ear to my words.
        Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; ย for they are life to those who find them and health to oneโ€™s whole body.

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  2. Due to Lyme disease, I have tried many different medicines for treatment resistant depression and a few for anxiety – someone recently suggested inositol to me – so I’m going to try that next. It is a vitamin. It is not a fun ride

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    1. Sorry to hear you’re on the same ride as the rest of us. Tickets are nonrefundable. . . Hope the vitamin helps! A vitamin seems like one of the safer options. So Lyme disease? You must live in the Northeast like me.


      1. Good luck! One of my friends has Lyme Disease as well. We are up in NY. Was never something we had to worry about roaming the woods as kids.


  3. I had no idea that thyroid problems can cause an emotional roller coaster … as if the physical issues arenโ€™t bad enough.

    Yet again Iโ€™m going to count myself both lucky and grateful that Iโ€™m not on any medications.

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    1. Yes, unfortunately most people have to take medication for it permanently – although I wanted badly to find a natural remedy. I think that was the hardest part – to acknowledge my body had a weakness and there was nothing I could do about it but rely on medicine. Because that is the opposite of me. I didn’t even go to the doctor for 15 years before this.

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  4. I am not on thyroid medication but thyroid disease runs on both sides of my family. I have antibodies against my thyroid. I have many symptoms of the disease and am occasionally in the hypothyroid range. Right now my values still fluctuate. I can’t find a doctor who will treat it. They all have a wait and see approach. Wait until the thyroid is totally useless. Two of my relatives including my mom almost died with the wait and see approach but I am unable to get treatment until that happens so it is very upsetting.

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    1. Wow I’m really surprised if your antibodies are high that they won’t help. But I do know depending on your age and how high they are, they advise now to just monitor. Because it’s natural for people at some ages to fluctuate and then go back to normal. Once they put you on the medication it’s for life. But being that your family has a history, they should still let you opt in


      1. I would think so too. It’s a huge issue in my family. With my mom and cousin it proved nearly fatal. I am always being shuffled around. I went to one doctor for years before they told me they don’t treat Hypothyroidism period. I was referred to them for monitoring/treatment and they didn’t even treat it and let me go years with elevated values. I was then sent elsewhere to no avail. They do the blood work, say not right and nothing happens.


      2. Yes at this point there is no reason they shouldn’t treat you. From what you were saying, I assumed you must have been a teenager. Just from the little info I know, I would suggest looking for a new physician! Maybe show them a copy of your bloodwork first and ask them how they would handle it.

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  5. Beautiful poem Jay dear…I hear you so loud & clear…connecting with you from peer-to-peer…sometimes the side effect of my epilepsy pill make ME disappear….all of a sudden an evil on the scene will jump to tear….myself & the ones, I love – the dears….Amazing sharing Jay from your tall & strong pillar

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      1. We can’t compare the issues…your issue was hard & serious for you….just like mine is for me. Thx for your kind words though Jay. Epilepsy came as an extra gift in my life….3 days after I was hit by brain hemorrhage

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