Donna (Valentino) | Fragrance Poetry

Poetry Inspired by the fragrance Donna from Valentino.

donna valentino fragrance poetry review
Photo by Adriana Chionetti on Unsplash

Don’t let me fall in love tomorrow;
I’m not prepared for another heartbreak. . .

You’re so uncomplicated – innocent.
My reputation’s of one rotations.
I love to go out strawberry picking
But it leads to sticky situations.

Please don’t wear that sweet perfume that I love –
Those little glasses and pink, pink lipstick.
Please conceal those baby-blue iris eyes.
If hearts collide, then what will happen next?

Please don’t let me fall in love tomorrow;
I’m not prepared to break your heart again.

Click Here to learn more about Donna from Valentino. Read Day and Night from Fragrance One. © 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

Author: Jay Bleu

An Original Blend of Perfume and Poetry

57 thoughts on “Donna (Valentino) | Fragrance Poetry”

  1. The sweet life, the good life – Killer fragrance!!! …I’m lost for words and somewhat perplexed. She is the cause of her own demise?….even that sentence boggled my mind. Shew!!…. la dolce vita

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      1. Well it’s quite romantic and really sweet, also the caution and the consideration, the determination and yes the resolve not to break her heart again ….

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  2. Very harmonious. A little sad, but that is life, no? Love the amazing words and love the curve ball you send our way with those last two lines. There’s love in that poem somewhere, I feet it and no matter what life has given you, those words really touch. I’m so so stoked with your writing. Peace and greetings from Sui generis 💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha. Intensity of a little kid? Maybe! Sometimes I take abstract inspiration from fragrance.. like how does it make me feel? This gives some creative liberties from going straight by the book of ingredients. That’s because my main focus is the art of poetry, not a straight up fragrance review. So just like any poetry, however you read it is the correct way 😎

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