84 thoughts on “Small Talk | July 8 2020”

  1. I haven’t eaten Chinese food from takeaway or restaurant in ages besides the noodles I whip up in the frying pan.

    But, but, but….I love Sushi….and the taste of ginger and wasabi ….hmmmm….and neither have I tasted these in ages.

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      1. Yes, but I won’t eat out not for a long time. I love Californian rolls too… basically I can browse the whole menu and find a delicacy that I find mouth watering…..A singer’s delight.

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      2. A small piece of salmon or tuna is rolled up in rice. Not a fillet on rice. Oh yes that is what the sushi experience is all about – prawn and shrimp even cucumber rolled up in seaweed and rice, wasabi and pink ginger on the side, with soya sauce to dip inside.

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  2. I just love Chinese food and my all time favorite is Chilly chicken & chicken chop soy but I must admit in NZ, it’s difficult to find a good Chinese restaurant like we use to in Fiji – Fiji has some damn good Chinese restaurant. But saying that NZ has some amazing Thai foods


    1. oh ya I bet. I like Chili Chicken Masala which isn’t Chinese but reminded me of what you said. Maybe they stole from the Chinese B) I thought there was Chinese restaurants all over the world. Even the most smallest, random town in the USA has at least one!


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