Tiffany Intense | Fragrance Poetry

Poetry Inspired by the Fragrance Tiffany Intense

writing perfume poetry tiffany intense
Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Plum-drops and sweet pears
Tumbling in my mind
When I’m thinking of you
(I’m always thinking of you).

You come to my mind
Yet always there. . .

(Far too Intensely),
Evoking me
Like a long lost, blue holiday
That keeps tugging me.

Blonde hair, iris eyes.
A white cashmere sweater.
I can see you still.

So elegant.
So sensual.
So incessant.
And never mine.

Click here to learn more about the fragrance Tiffany Intense. Read Magnetic Blend from Initio. © 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

110 thoughts on “Tiffany Intense | Fragrance Poetry”

  1. Gosh I love those sweets. Are those the sweet and sour jellies. Oh dread I can’t keep them in the home only when my children are home, then it is a treat. Otherwise on my own I would have to save myself from them or them from me.
    Since i wasn’t invited to coffee on the other day I was wondering if there will be a table and chair reserved for me at the fragrant writer’s cafe today.
    Glad to see that it is indeed open.
    Let me go and read Tiffany Intense, like really did you have one of them for breakfast?

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    1. Unfortunately I have high sugar so I had to pass on the candies as well. But if you’d like a coffee, then sure, pull right up 😎 I can make you an espresso or Turkish style

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      1. Well I can just whip it with a hand blender or by hand if I really want to . But I used to have an actual milk froth-er but that machine broke. I drink my coffee black most of the time so I don’t worry B)

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      1. It expresses how we think as opposed to how we talk. Tendencies to mute and diminish things we feel or think. The parenthesis phrase was the more exact and emotional one. Both together they were a perfect blend of a person

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      2. I feel like putting it in parentheses kind of added to the idea that it was a narrated thought… like in a movie.

        I have a very rational mind believe it or not, so I have been exploring the idea of feelings more and more, and how I tend to diminish them for the sake of rationality.

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      3. I suppose it’s important to have a balance. Rational and reason are very important things. But emotions is equally as important in interpersonal relationships.
        I believe we all have tendencies one direction or the other. Finding that middle sweet spot is the key 🙂

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      4. I agree. The way I see it now…. affirming your emotions, without trying to rationalize them, is a sign of affirming oneself. However, outside decisions should still be made rationally.

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      5. cooking may still require a degree of rationality. I mean we don’t want anyone to get sick here 😉 If someone from the OUTSIDE is coming over, still be rational, OK? B)

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  2. So it’s all about the floral, the Iris and missing the sweet spot as in missing you, but it is still there with new accords and a randomness about it. Either you love it or you don’t but them on the other hand there is that black currant bud, the baie, mandarin and herbal citrus, of course you want to make it yours.

    Listen to me going off on a tangent….when it’s actually for a younger generation
    Oh these mature Perfumers.
    I love how you made this woman feel.
    Whimsical and sweet smelling, pleasant and deeply delightful poetry

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    1. actually yes you got it quite well except that it doesn’t smell random. the idea of randomness I guess was just some artistic. freedom on my end. Like I always say, my first goal is to write poetry, not a full-on fragrance review B)

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      1. They just come to me like a cloud of words that float into my mind. No special formula here. Except that I need to write it down when it comes or I may not remember once it’s gone. . .

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      2. It’s quite a discipline to be in that state of readiness to record your words. I can imagine that words disappear when you get daydreaming in one direction. However a person like you with the gift of words can shift back to that shape, pick up the lost stitches and set it right again.

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      3. Oh, I can only imagine that feeling…..But someone like you have it right at your fingertips to mold something new out of an old thought because you still have that feeling in your bones.

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  3. I don’t know who need to hear this but practice your Love languages on yourself.

    Gifts:- I buy myself fresh flowers every week or buy yourself something you’ve always wanted.

    Physical touch:- Love your body and take your time moisturizing your skin every morning.

    Quality Time:- Take yourself out on a date. Pull out a journal and write a letter to your younger or future self. Meditate or do yoga.

    Acts of Service:- Give yourself a break and do something nice for yourself or clean your room/get organized.

    Words of Affirmation:- Say nice things to yourself like, “I am proud of you.” “You are doing your best.” “You are so beautiful.”

    In other words don’t wait for someone else to offer you the love you want and deserve. Start being intentional and actionable about how you love yourself. It makes all the difference.

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