Small Talk | July 17, 2020

I’m so excited we got a new coffee maker at work. This is a real, fancy one that still can make single cups of coffee as well (which is what i’ve been choosing each time) plus we got a coffee grinder. Going to enjoy this much more than the Keurig, which I’ve been using.

So are you a Keurig type of person? Or how do you like your coffee? At home I grind fresh beans but use a simple Moka Pot. . .

Don’t tell me you’re “#TeamTea” B)

Author: Jay Bleu

An Original Blend of Perfume and Poetry

122 thoughts on “Small Talk | July 17, 2020”

    1. Mmm yummy. When you say fresh, the coffee is roasted still, right?

      I just started using my own grinder and I love it. But I know there are some machines that grind when they make the coffee. Is that yours?


      1. Heyyy. I saw this just now Jay! I am in the Philippines. Tropical weather and this could mean very very hot. Lol! So I like my coffee cold 😊😊😊

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      2. Oh ya. It’s really good. I just had it once though at Hershey Pennsylvania if you’ve ever heard of it (where they make Hershey Chocolate). It gets fizzy coming out of the tap

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      3. Not really Jay! I’m not an athletic type of girl. But the beaches are nice 🏖 🏝 🌊 Let’s catch some waves 😊

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  1. Oh the house of coffee is open today. It’s so chilly out here I’m drinking tiny, really minute cups of coffee today. It keeps me warm. To be honest never heard of the brand you mentioned. Does it come with the full package and range like instant, filter and ground coffee beans. We have quite a few brands but not too much. If it’s a good instant coffee I go for it in the morning. Cappuccinos I like preparing round midday so I can take my time. You can’t rush though that. I’m not fixated on one bean though. Not that anything goes, I do keep my favourite bean at hand . At the moment it is a blue mountain coffee bean. Espresso I like to have with good company.

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    1. I see you are very picky about what coffee you have when! I typically drink the same cups all the time. You haven’t heard of Keurig? Or K-Cups? A machine that makes the coffee from a little pod for single servings.


      1. No I never heard of it. Maybe the brand isn’t available here. But I hardly take particular note of the machine brands. I keep the beans that I feel safe with but always up for an adventure. Illy coffee is a favourite of mine. Whenever we come across a coffee place selling illy coffee we must stopover. But that is far and few between. I do hand/manual filter and instant coffee mostly.

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      2. Ah I see. I do really like Illy Coffee myself. And also LaVazzo – I’m sure you’ve heard of that one there! And there is Bustelo that comes in a yellow containers. It’s considered a cheaper one but I love the taste


      3. You see we hardly get to pick up brands coming from these places. It could be hidden, most likely, in some exclusive shop. This makes it difficult for the brand to step out into the broader market. Maybe it doesn’t want to, depending on the distributors. When the time comes I will check if it’s on our shelves

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      4. Wal-Mart, it found its way to the people, how lovely. The other stores too?…fine, very fine. Ok…Bezos is Bezos, too much paper work to get there…

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      1. Yes. But the scent doesn’t work well for me, as most citrus-based scents don’t. They are not full or strong enough to last on my skin B) I need something like thick tree resin


  2. You had me at “c…”.
    I like it all, pretty much. I am (as with beer) both a bit of a snob and a bit of a slut, I’m afraid. I have worked in a couple of coffee shops over the years (including one that imported and roasted all of its own beans). Even owned one with the wife for a while.

    I really love the African beans–Yrgacheffe (though some can be almost TOO fruity!), Kenya AA, TAnzania Peaberry–but can’t drink too much or the acidity can make me quite miserable. A good Sumatra Mandehling can be a darker, roastier experience. And you can’t go wrong with a good Guatemalan Antigua–also on the darker side. I tend to go for single origin beans as I love exploring the incredible variety of flavors and aromas one little bean is capable of producing. Must be my restaurant/wine sales background. This would be the “snob” aspect, but my palette is probably shot by now.

    I love a good espresso. Sometimes a Cubano. But rarely, if ever, with any kind of milk product in it. I miss having a full commercial espresso machine in what was basically our living room….(we lived above our shop).

    And yes, I’m with you on cold coffee–usually the only way I drink it cold is Vietnamese or Thai with sweetened, condensed milk. It’s surprising how much this can taste like an oatmeal cookie.

    But at home we almost always drink Dunkin’ Donuts. Preground. I know, I know–this is like two kinds of sacrilege rolled into one. But really, it has so much to do with your preferred type of machine (ours is just a drip) and your water. Our town has some of the best water (straight out of the tap) in the country, but it’s still totally different than when it’s filtered, which any reputable coffee shop will do before they brew. I’ve tried numerous beans that tasted like “my cup of coffee” in the cafe only to take the whole bean home, grind it, brew it and end up with only a large pot of disappointment. And this would be the “slut” aspect.

    Our machine and our water and our tummies and our noses and our palettes like this coffee. It’s rich, mellow, not over-roasted (we tend to go for lighter roasts but it depends on the bean), not too acidic and inexpensive. So it works for us.

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      1. Absolutely….and a pretty one to read, funny too.
        So Dunkin’….wait what’s the name again, lemme check…..aha, Dunkin’ Donuts it is…..that’s what we call a lekka smekka name.
        Tog te heurlik.

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    1. haha no worries about writing a book. Wow, do you live in the Northeast with that good of water? I live in Upstate NY (visit right where my water comes from). It’s naturally clearer than Britta filtered water, so I feel ya there! I don’t know all the specifics of the beans, but when I find a good brand, I stick to it.

      And I agree on the roasts, too. Especially because I drink it black most often. Too much of a French Roast/Starbucks style is too bitter and acidic for drinking black, but works perfect for mixing

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      1. Whole-heartedly agree re: Starbucks. They have single-handedly ruined the palettes of a whole generation of poor, misled (and mis-led!) coffee drinkers.

        We’re in Saint Louis, actually. Rather surprising that the water is so good. Seems like a strange place to have good water, seeing as we’re right on the Big Muddy, but it has consistently rated highly in water-quality surveys and such. Of course I’ve also heard we’re considered the allergy capital of the world, so….win some, lose some, I guess.
        I have actually heard of a transplanted NY pizza-maker or two who have the water shipped across the country from New York state because of how it affects the flavor and characteristics of the crust. I believe it.
        A number of years ago, Foster’s Lager was one of my favorite beers. We used to joke that is was “Australian for Beer…made in Canada”. They license Molson (or somesuch brewer) to make their beer for them. At some point, out of the blue, it just didn’t taste nearly as good to me. I checked the label. It was now being made in Atlanta, Georgia.
        Water makes a huge difference.
        (Damn….another book….)

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      2. Haha wow you know a lot about these things. But ya a lot of my family lives in Florida and miss the pizza. But I guess some try to ship the water in there, too. But it’s probably to expensive.

        I remember those Australian for beer commercials! Actually right now we have computer chip manufacturers wanting to move in for the cheap water

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  3. Coffee snobs would scoff at me, but more often than not, I drink the peasant of coffees. Instant with some milk and whipped buttercream creamer and a splash of maple syrup. But I do like my keurig coffees with steamed milk too.

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      1. I’m sure the other ones were interesting as well, though. But this one is definitely 100% unique, I think! And fully from the heart, the place where all good art begins. 🙂

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