Vanilla Smoke (Aftelier) | Fragrance Poetry

Fragrance Poetry Inspired by Vanilla Smoke from Aftelier.

aftelier vanilla smoke poetry fragrance review
Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

I fell into a girl named Vanilla
As I tripped into a dream late last night.
She was pink, petite and perfectly sweet.
Down-to-earth with a delicate, soft light.

Have you lolled, half-awoken, in your bed
Smelling cookies baking in the morning?
An aroma gentley flirting with you,
With such anticipated desiring. . .

This is how Vanilla stirs me from sleep:
Like a silky incense raising a prayer:
If this girl that I dreamed of could be mine.
But when I open my eyes, she’s not there.

Girls like Vanilla, they never last long.
Once you want her more, she’s already gone.

Click Here to learn more about Vanilla Smoke. Read Absolutio from Navitus. ©, 2020 except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

85 thoughts on “Vanilla Smoke (Aftelier) | Fragrance Poetry”

    1. I hear different things. I have heard a lot that natural vanilla is amazing but doesn’t last long, which is why they almost always use artificial. But I have a fragrance Herod (quite popular) which is a long-lasting, rich vanilla scent which they claim has a high dose of the real vanilla and is one of their most expensive fragrances to produce. i guess if you overload it, the life can be extended quite a bit and being overload it will still let off a strong scent (if I understand how fixers work correctly). Aftelier of course uses no synthetic fixers so the vanilla is left to fend on it’s own with just the naturals

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  1. Whoa! Someone I have found on WP to fell for a vanilla like girl.😃
    It’s great that you could write so beautifully relating with fragrances. Such a unique tagline you have got.✨💫

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  2. Vanilla, three hours per day not bad, unless you want to wear it to work. Amber, smoke and vanilla presents itself as knockout and dainty. The vanilla pod is so rare, I actually love the pod for my puddings and desserts especially custard. Vanilla smoke I would try it, not to work though, it’s too eventful, for incidental moments maybe…..

    Knockout poetry

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  3. I just prepared vannila icecream recently. Your poem vividly describes my thoughts imagining icecream as the girl. She was gone when I wanted more! 😅

    Yet another amazing poem!

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  4. Isn’t vanilla absolutely serene? It smells amazing and yes, like you said, I hope it stayed longer.
    The poem actually has wonderful metaphors though. This one quite a direct poem, in contrast to the others, but in the end, it left me in awe nevertheless.
    Hope you find your vanilla girl, she can get elusive.

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