Touch Me So Gently | Perfume Poetry

Poetry Inspired by Perfume.

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Touch me. . . Touch me so gently. . and softly:
Just enough that I discern the feeling,
Like a secret tease as you brush by me,
But not enough for me to know for sure.

Jasmine, not just embellishing your hair.
An aroma, beckoning with whispers
As it leaves a trail, aloft in the air
For me to shadow, for me to pursue.

There’s “something” that is so captivating.
Say it… what is this “something” about you?
An invisible cloud, so enwrapping;
Like hidden pheromones, so seductive.

But my gut… my lonely intuition
Pleads against this familiar situation. . .

Read The Dusk Fresh and Green. ©, 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

43 thoughts on “Touch Me So Gently | Perfume Poetry”

    1. gee thanks. I appreciate the comment. As I loosen up the restrictions a little writing about fragrances…. kind of swinging the pendulum back to my original poetry…. maybe finding now a perfect balance

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    1. Well here’s an interesting convo. I heard that every fragrance needs some tiny percentage of jasmine for the type of oil it’s made out of…. to produce the right reactions in the fragrance…


      1. I’m sure they can do it synthetically… but there was Jasmine and one other note, you needed one or the other in a fragrance for it to work correctly. At least I heard this on Babbs Collection on YouTube


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