Oud Luban (Aftelier) | Perfume Poetry

Poetry Inspired by the Perfume Oud Luban from Aftelier.

I combed the earth
To find a cure for my wounds
[I am the broken hearted-man].
I roamed past
The lign aloes [planted by God],
And the giant cedars
Reaching to heaven.
Nothing could ease my pain;
Neither khus oil,
Nor the fruit of the goodly tree
Could return my joy.
I prayed for a sign. . .
. . .for a miracle. . .
But I came to the Boswella tree
and swung my axe in faith,
As incense swings through the air
[while smoke ascends like a prayer].
And where blade met bark,
From there’s came the healing milk,
And so the mending
Of a broken heart.

Read “Not Sure I like This One.” Click Here to learn more about the perfume Oud Luban from Aftelier. Β© TheFragranceWriter.com 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

36 thoughts on “Oud Luban (Aftelier) | Perfume Poetry”

  1. Divine, I am in awe of the poetic journey through God’s pharmacy and I am delighted that you found the right one to cure your broken heart. Truly beautiful. I instantly fell in love with poem.

    Frankincense has been around for such a long time and used in traditional medicine for the treatment various ailments. It has grown in popularity I’m not surprised that the healing milk is used to make these exquisite fragrances.

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    1. Yes… seems like you caught no well B-) It was a little bit of a challenge to tie in the theme of this one…. but I managed with a bit of a surreal touch to it. kind of a fantasy… allegory…. of course infused with faith

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  2. Magnificent writing Jay….this “perfume” is quite intense….and have the healing effect….am already looking forward to the next….no pressure though, when you’re ready, I’ll be ready with my spects [heart]

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