Lyric Man (Amouage) | Fragrance Poetry

Fragrance Poetry inspired by Lyric Man from Amouage.

lyric man amouage fragrance review poetry
Photo by Julie Frame on Unsplash

Sometimes I can’t take this world anymore.
Everything’s harsh, bitter, crazy and old.
Everyone’s rough when I walk out the door
Where I have to perform just as I’m told.
How long can I do this and not go mad?
My final nerve has all but erupted.
And if I should see a glimmer of hope
All of my mirth is soon interrupted.

BUT… then there’s you… my darling and my friend!
You see how to comfort and mellow me.
You cleanse my soul like a soft, lathered soap.
Or like a fresh and spicy herbal tea.

Just when I think I can’t take anymore,
You’re the pack of pink roses at my door.

Thank You. . .

Click Here to learn more about Lyric Man from Amouage. Read Oud Luban., 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

30 thoughts on “Lyric Man (Amouage) | Fragrance Poetry”

  1. Quite strange just today I was thinking, I hadn’t seen your poetry around for a while and I was wondering if the season of fragrance writing has come to end too, for you, and here a new fragrance pops up.
    Lyric Man, a song-like burst of bergamot and lime, I just found out, and the middle notes bringing harmony with a rose, angelica, orange blossom, goodness so many joining in to catch the lyric, saffron to. And at the bass we find sandalwood, which is one of my favorite incense sticks. I must take the next opportunity at the perfume counter to catch a trace of it.

    I must admit I myself am in awe at the sight of soft pink roses in bouquet, either on display or as decoration on any occasion, but mostly weddings, for a mood adjuster, they smile so beautifully and sincerely. I don’t know if they realise in their state of being the pleasure and joy they bring.

    Lyric Man, I love the expression of lather soap oozing floral fragrance, tis sweet to have someone so dear and precious with so much love and affection at your dear.

    Good to read the original blend again, made me smile and it made me happy.

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    1. Thanks so much and for looking for into the fragrance. I am trying to change how I operate my blog…. I think something are not sustainable for me to keep doing for every post… time wise. .. so looking to simplify… and hopefully that gets me posting more again!!

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    1. I think it’s known for that. Not sure it’s a good thing or a bad thing… it may just be intentional or may mean there is synthetic rose mixed it… again not sure. but I do appreciate how strong and pervasive it is on me but not everyone around me enjoys it so I don’t wear it much 😶

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