Parfum Prive (Aftelier) | Perfume Poetry

Poetry inspired by the perfume “Parfum Prive” from Aftelier.

Eve offered an apple, but you, an orange.
It was soft, round but blue as the ocean.
It made me melancholy; I was torn.
But you carried me like square stepping stones.

And yet, it’s your “realness” that empowers
As a spiced life leaves me reminiscing.
You assuaged like a sea of white flowers
And there I relaxed. . .it was beautiful. . .

Click here to learn more about the perfume Parfum Prive from Aftelier. Read Lyric Man from Amouge. © 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

33 thoughts on “Parfum Prive (Aftelier) | Perfume Poetry”

  1. Orange, we had such a great harvest at the beginning of winter, not one, not a single one disappointed full of the goodness of vitamin C. It’s bottled juices became a scarcity overnight in these times.
    I love the smell you describe,blue as the ocean, enhances the sweet saltiness of orange…It is a fruit that brings on a certain kind of melancholy that reminds us of people and places.

    Melancholy, Reminiscent and Assuage…beautifully combined makes for fragrant poetic notes.

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    1. I feel like you understand so much of what I’m trying to say 😎 ah yes, the fresh fruit is delicious. Unfortunately they don’t grow natural in New York but I have had freshly picked ones when visiting other places. Thanks again.

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    1. Thanks. The interesting thing about this fragrance is that I don’t think it contains orange… but a flower that smells slightly orange. On an abstract level, the scent brings the color orange to my mind.

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      1. Interesting. I wonder what flower smells so? I have made a few scents mixing oils… Sweet Orange, or Citrus sinensis, is a freeing scent to me. In that it easily engulfs in a sweet reverie. I think in that aspect, I understand the abstractness.

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      2. Also, some orange scents induce freshness. Such as Italian Bergamot, Citrus bergamia. A different aspect of freedom where you are fully aware and able to make good decisions.

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      3. I believe it has osmanthus which is supposed to smell like peach. But then fragrances have ghost scents which are scents that are not directly in the scent but your mind is tricked into thinking they are by the way other scents combine.

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