Aventus (Creed) | Perfume Poetry

Poetry Inspired by the Perfume Aventus from Creed.

perfume, poetry, art, life, love, creed, aventus
Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash

Why is life so boring? We all have our daily tasks and run our errands. Yes, we want to do well – to do a strong and good job – leave a clean impression on those around us. But where is that taking us on this highway of life – a road that’s so linear…. square… flat… What I’m saying is…. Life can be clean AND cool! In other words… Sometimes you have to be the pineapple among the birch…

Click Here to learn more about the perfume Aventus from Creed. © TheFragranceWriter.com 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

13 thoughts on “Aventus (Creed) | Perfume Poetry”

  1. The pineapple among the birch. That’s a real funky looking free spirited pineapple, ready to call a party,I would love that if you don’t mind me sitting down and watching the movers and shakes doing their thang. Cool runnnings?….while I read cummings….uhm…now to birch – sweet, sharp, invigorating, and minty scent, like chewing gum…..why can’t she or him come along, adds to the AromaTherapy…not?

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  2. What a gorgeous photo! The festive aroma of pineapples follows it all through the words of your beautiful terms of inspiration. Yes, I agree that enjoying the spice of life in “the birchwood” adds much to the path one follows. Cheers🍍🍎🍍🌳

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