Ashore by Amouage is Perfume Poetry

Poetry inspired by the perfume Ashore from Amouage.

writing fragrance poetry perfume life love ashore amouage

When will life’s currents return what was lost?
Like a bottle-at-sea, I’m turned. . . I’m tossed. . .

Happy reminders of us at the beach.
Were dispersed as sudden thunderstorms brewed.
All our fulfillment was now out of reach.
Rip-Tides and ripped hearts separated you.

Like a widow’s walk – I never gave up.
Like Jasmine, hope would bloom but fall again.
Souvenir memories – sand in a cup.
‘Til waves let you out again in the sand.

FInally, my long-lost love washed ashore.
Just. . .I don’t recognize you anymore.

More about the perfume by Amouage, Ashore. More of my latest poetry, Virtus. Poetry ©, 2021. Photo by Dids on

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