Virtus by Navitus is Perfume Poetry

Poetry inspired by the perfume Virtus from Navitus.

writing fragrance poetry perfume life love virtus navitus

You’re my Octagon – But… what does it mean?
Smoothing a square by easing the edges
To eight sides, like your personality.
Now that’s power! You hit me with passion.
You lost me in shimmering ceylon woods
And then hit me with your cinnamon stick.
Make my life happy – like they said you would,
So hard times to be a little softer.
Our setting was green fields, sunshine and streams,
Tempting delusions lost clouds of smog.
Your vanilla makes the tobacco sweet
But smoking cigars is still bad for your health.

More about the perfume by Navitus, Virtus. More of my latest poetry, Iris Poudre. ©, 2021 except where noted otherwise. Photo by Alexander Ant on

9 thoughts on “Virtus by Navitus is Perfume Poetry”

  1. Oh la la! Excellent imagery. I especially like,
    “You lost me in shimmering ceylon woods…your cinnamon stick”
    You can so well craft imagery into sight and smells. Bravo!! Always a fragrant delight to read your poem. Cheers. Stay safe💐💐

    Liked by 2 people

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