Bee by Zoologist is Perfume Poetry

Poetry Inspired by the Perfume Bee from Zoologist.

writing fragrance poetry perfume life love bee zoologist

Around and around – the days we’re alive.
Searching and searching like bees on a hive.

I wake up – see the sun trying to peak:
The world through a window is deceiving.
There’s chills in my heart – the harder I seek.
To feel detached is to feel relieving.

If I could embrace you like the bright sun,
And get stuck in your arms – soft. . . round. . . warming. . .
I’d find a passion that is so genuine.
In labors of love – something nourishing.

You melt me like the sky – hot and sunny.
It keeps my heart dripping like raw honey

More about the perfume from Zoologist, Bee. More of my latest poetry, Percival. Poetry © Photo by Steve Johnson on

Author: Jay Bleu

This is My Original Blend of Perfume and Poetry

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