The Coveted Duchess Rose by Penhaligon’s is Perfume Poetry

Poetry Inspired by the Perfume The Coveted Duchess Rose by Penhaligon’s.

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Pretty, Pink Petals.
What a Predictable Bore. . .
Is There Hidden, More?

More on the perfume by Penhaligon’s, The Coveted Duchess Rose. More poetry from The Fragrance Writer, Squid. Poetry © 2021. Photo by Steve Johnson on

18 thoughts on “The Coveted Duchess Rose by Penhaligon’s is Perfume Poetry”

    1. haha. Right, at first a pink color might fit the scent more, but just going with white just emphasizes the blandness. It is actually a nice scent, but doesn’t match their marketing of it.


      1. If I did, it was a long time ago and I’ve forgotten all about it. I know a lot of people are underwhelmed by the Portraits series, which is not surprising given the much higher price point. I liked this one before I knew anything about the brand—it was a serendipitous encounter at an airport duty free shop. The sales associate wouldn’t leave me alone to smell it in peace, though, so I tried to memorize the scent quickly and walked away. When I got a bottle much later, it seemed so much tamer than my memory, probably because I was thinking of the smell concentrated around the tester nozzle. Still good though.


      2. Sometimes I think the testers are more concentrated to sell it. Also, I think brands often dilute fragrances after the first run. Well, this is the description of the perfume from Penhaligon’s website. What do you think?

        “Rose’s coy eau de parfum conceals something more sensual – a hint of musky wood. Alas, the Duke is off gallivanting while his sweet young bride aches with desire. Won’t someone (anyone) release her?”


      3. Haha, it’s all coming back now… the “character” descriptions are pretty terrible! I hope most brands aren’t out to rip us off in that way. We’d have to buy only new launches if that were the case!

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      4. I am a big fan now of only buying new launches B-) Beyond just cutting costs, a lot of fragrances get reformulated for IFRA or to make them more mass appealing. So the true intent of when the fragrance was first created is gone. I’ve learned all of this the hard way…………

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