Oriento by Jeroboam is Perfumed Poetry.

I watch my finger paint circles on a saffron skin –
Skin that’s soft, flush and mysterious,
Like an epitome… but something “new” mixed within,
Like aloewoods that drive me delirious.

The smell of green apples reach my nose.
But now… here…. it’s no sin to a bite.
I’m Haunted by a dark, mysterious rose
That’s met with a comfort that sets everything right.

Kiss me, darling, kiss me here.
For here we’ve found our garden.

More about the Perfume from Jeroboam, Oriento. More Poetry from The Fragrance Writer, Melodie de L’Amour. Poetry © TheFragranceWriter.com 2021.

21 thoughts on “Oriento by Jeroboam is Perfumed Poetry.”

  1. Oh I love how you depict the struggle between what’s in front of you which is sweet and bright and rightfully yours, and the dark desire kept inside. More also the decision to choose right. I know i ramble in my comment when I get excited about a brilliant piece of work.

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  2. There must be another word other than brilliance to Express the interplay of the pyramid of perfumed notes and crafted words on a pure white blank sheet called paper. Poetry of sensual and fragrant beauty. I enjoyed reading and brought many smiles to my own senses reading the verses over again.
    As if called to give a first impression, I can quite abandonedly follow Cassa’s interpretation and thinking to offer meaning to the fragrant poetry.

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    1. Reading comments like these makes it all worth it 😎 . There cam be many complexities biting you all at once, which would make it impossible to make an interpretation in a simple comment 😎

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