Rose Anonyme by Atelier is Perfume Poetry.

There were times I wished you were anonymous
So that our recollections might be vague.
Instead, I see your face and find solace,
Covered in your comfort every time I lay.

Did losing you also mean losing me?
Or should I find your love in nameless ways?
I’m lost in a fresh garden of soft memory
As my feelings roar – unrestrained.

More about the Perfume from Atelier, Rose Anonyme. More Poetry from The Fragrance Writer, Oud Satin Mood. Poetry © 2021.

23 thoughts on “Rose Anonyme by Atelier is Perfume Poetry.”

  1. This poem of yours is doing something to me….it reminds me of a mirror….a person….I’m connecting to it at a whole different level….magnificent lines, Jay….

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