Dodo 2020 by Zoologist is Perfume Poetry.

Is it your novelty that seduces?
Or is it how well you’re playing your part?
Like a contradiction – you’re elusive.
And I’ll never see you when we part.

You gave me fresh, green herbs as a bouquet –
But they sweated all day in the sun.
And I never understood you, anyway.
When you pushed me away. . . it still was fun.

Like the Dodo, our connection is extinct.
Like a Dodo, I was dull to follow.
But you gave me a dream to believe in.
You cut me loose, said goodbye,
And then you winked.

More About the Perfume from Zoologist, Dodo (2020). More Poetry from The Fragrance Writer, Rose Anonyme. Poetry © 2021.

29 thoughts on “Dodo 2020 by Zoologist is Perfume Poetry.”

  1. Dodo 2020 will go down in history as a great fragrance I think.
    Buy it for keeps sake maybe?
    Very interesting notes as well Symbolism in abundance. The Great Spirit is present. Iconic!!…A single bean contains enough shavings for 80 plates of food….that’s out of this world.
    One of my favourite beans or spice is the Cardamon…priceless…flavoring and aroma is exqusite just don’t bite into it.
    Then the Dodo…who reminds us not to become complacent…and then there is the threat of extinction.

    Dodo 2020….who wouldn’t want it?

    And then she or he winks…classic..
    I love it…
    Your poetry makes the perfumed notes of Dodo 2020 unforgettable.

    You must collect royalties


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      1. The surprise factor is surely there. With preservation as its top not and the backbone of the brand no one can really go wrong for choice. It suits personalities and different types. Dodo 2020 is a blanket gift. None of us can refuse it especially with the exqusite wording you attached. A gift for all special occasions particularly for the graduate. Epic Love – how the Dodo returns, came back to life to shake us up about living and loving in 2020.

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  2. Sweaty herbs… sounds about right, lol! I didn’t like this fragrance and neither did those around me! The “feather” note isn’t meant to be attractive, I suppose. Your poem gives it hope to redeem itself!

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    1. When I realized I was smelling basil, it made a bit more sense, haha. Like I said, this one is strong in novelty. I mean I was amazed how much I actually smelled feathers. I feel they have half which are novelty/mostly artistic and half that are much more wear-able. No one around me appreciated this one, either, but I did give it a good wearing! (at home)

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      1. I believe the owner of Zoologist said in an interview that they like to alternate between releases—one wearable, one challenging. It seems you have been writing more about the latter. 😉

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      2. haha well the “challenging” are more interesting! But I think this was my first challenging one, actually. Bee, squid and rhino are pretty wearable (other than rhino giving me a rash for some reason)

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