Hinoki by Comme de Garcons is Perfume Poetry.

Poetry inspired by the perfume Hinoki from Comme de Garcons.

writing poetry art life love perfume fragrance comme de garcons hinoki

I promised to build us a cedar home
But then life took us to different places.
Your love eases me every step we go
‘til we reach that Hinoki Oasis.

I love the smell of cedar – it reminds me of working in the gardens as a child (I was also on trimming duty for the cedar shrubs). When I smelled the cedar-like Hinoki, I immediately felt peaceful. It really takes me back.

Am I the only one who grew up pruning the cedar shrubs?

More about the perfume from Comme de Garcons, Hinoki. More poetry from The Fragrance Writer, Orchidee Vanille. Poetry © TheFragranceWriter.com 2021. Photo by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels.com.

10 thoughts on “Hinoki by Comme de Garcons is Perfume Poetry.”

  1. I love the feeling I get through the artwork of thick wet clay. That wonderful feeling of mud, here the beautiful brown turning into a soft salmon. But then again it could be ice cream too.
    Widdringtonia also known as the clanwilliam cedar or cypress is native to my country and grows along the cedarberg mountains in the western cape.

    So I’ll snatch this one and walk through the evergreen forest with you.
    Cedar smells so good.

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