Garanat by Bulgari is Perfume Poetry

Intense emotions set reason aside.
Dressed in thorns and the passion of a rose.
Their garnet eyes glow with embers inside.
Like a prayer, incense burns to save my soul…

© 2021.

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Fragrance poetry inspired by Garanat from Bulgari.

bulgari garanat fragrance review poetry
Photo by Sasha Miller on Unsplash

Passion is like a rose
dressed with thorns,
pricking red blood-drops.
But even pain is tolerated
when fired by emotions.

So my eyes, like garnets,
glow with embers inside
as the incense burns,
like a prayer
to save my fervent soul.

Click Here to learn more about Garanat from Bulgari. Read Atomic Rose from Initio. © 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

54 thoughts on “Garanat by Bulgari is Perfume Poetry”

      1. I keep a large supply of poems in stock ready to post incase I get writer’s block. But I think you post a lot more often than I do sometimes. My worry is running out of fragrances to write about B-) So I have to pace myself

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  1. Yes, i can smell the incense, feel the ritual, the colour and the smell of the rose, combined with the incense arouses the pipe organ, and the passion begins to burn, Dressed for Church, eases the pain.

    I love the fragrance, wonderful poetry.

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    1. Yes, the incense is very reminiscent of Catholic church. But it takes a backseat in this scent. I have tried another (which I also wrote about) – Full Incense by Montale. That is 100% church incense.


      1. I should read the notes in Montale. Thank you for highlighting. Well I guess the rose combined with the notes of incense compliments the passion and contemplative life in the Auditorium – the modern day Cathedral.

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      2. Yes. The brand describes the rose in more romantic terms though. So I don’t think it was there attention. But like I said, as soon as I smelled the incense, it took me to church


      3. Well the poetry did justice to the incense. Singing in the chapel, peace be upon you, blessings and mercy too.
        I can’t seem to find Full Incense by Montale.

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    1. Thanks this is one of my favorite fragrances and it’s built around the idea of passion and romance. When you get fueled by that passion, you’re willing to do things that you normally wouldn’t, whether it’s good or bad, even if it causes you pain in the end. That’s why it’s tempered with the incense – a prayer – that your passions will not overtake your soul B-)

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  2. Ohh! Such a profound idea it is. Passions when fuel our actions, the pain loses the identity. Right?
    But now I wanna ask one more thing😂
    Passions won’t overtake our soul??

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