Wood Neroli by Bulgari is Perfume Poetry

Yes, I wanna be where my skin turns bronze.
Laying in the shade of pure neroli.
Bringing light where the sun’s already gone,
Making life bloom on a bitter orange tree.

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bulgari wood neroli fragrance review poetry
Photo by Marcos Ramírez on Unsplash

Fragrance Poetry inspired by Bulgari Wood Neroli.

Life is like a bitter orange tree. . .

I close my eyes for a brief siesta.
My dreams sail me to a far-away place.
See, my midday break feels lugubrious.
But in paradise, that’s never the case.

Here, I make my couch among the driftwood.
Yes, my tropical drink is within reach.
The sun would swelter, but I’m in the shade.
Because, in dreams, fruit trees thrive on the beach.

I unlock my eyes, glare at my pale skin.
No, I want to go where my skin turns bronze.
Even orange, I would be OK with that!
But, after work, the sun’s already gone.

Life is like a bitter orange tree. . .
But, if you bloom on the bitter orange tree,
in time, you’ll yield the purest neroli.

Click Here to learn more about Bulgari Wood Neroli. Read Fig from Aftelier. © TheFragranceWriter.com, 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

57 thoughts on “Wood Neroli by Bulgari is Perfume Poetry”

    1. Thanks Christine, that’s one of my goals! Neroli flower is one of the main notes in this one, very similar to a more popular fragrance, “Neroli Portifino” by Tom Ford. If you don’t know, Neroli comes from a white flower that blooms on the bitter orange tree. The fruit itself is bitter, but when the plant blooms, it smells heavenly.

      Let me know if you ever have smelled the fragrances I write about! I will be hitting more mainstream ones as time goes on – and I can get back into the malls!


      1. Yes. I love drawing parallels from nature and fragrance with real life. And it adds a whole nother dimension to the poetry. Like that the expensive oud ingredient comes from an infection. Or the expensive ambergris is whale vomit, LOL

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    1. Thanks! It has citrus in it, but the main note is Neroli. Neroli comes from the flowers of the trees of bitter oranges. So it’s a white floral that grows off an orange tree. It’s a very popular ingredient, so you probably smelled it before without knowing the name!


      1. I think the best citrus for a woman are these two classics, Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue or Chanel Chance au Tendre (which I think uses quince but it smells cistrus-y). Only problem is that citrus fragrances don’t last long. That’s why I prefer long-lasting “Oriental” fragrances with things like Rose, Oud or incense.


      2. There’s Elizabeth Arden White Tea and Bulgari White Tea. I am partial to Bulgari’s version. . . I think I will write about that in the future, so you must comment on that one, too 😉


  1. This is well written Jay. I can literally smell the tangy 🍊 I think someone is making orange juice around(not kidding I think my roommate is doing something in the kitchen)
    I’ve read your comments above and now I know a thing or two about Neroli. Thanks for that.
    See you around!

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    1. Thanks! I try to draw inspiration and personal correlations from from how the scents themselves are formed. So you have this tree that grows bitter fruit that most people in the world won’t eat (from what I read), but the blooms smell heavenly.


  2. I probably spend 1/3 of my day day-dreaming so this poem speaks to me. What does Neroli smell like? Anything like the fruit? (A tidbit of info: oranges are one of the few fruits that I dislike)


    1. That’s too bad because I adore oranges! But no, it smells like a white floral. I think you can probably just imagine a basic light, white floral smell and it won’t be far off, plus a little bit of citrus and sweetness. To me, it smells closest to sunscreen on the beach! lol. It has that sort of vibe.

      But I understand about the day dreaming. Where I live we have snow for about 5 months a year. So we try to enjoy it but after a while… you’re ready for Spring! But the moral of this story is, even if you’re in a bitter situation, you can still produce something sweet. I also wanted to touch on the idea that fragrances can take you places. Maybe I can’t go to the beach, but a beach-y fragrance can at least add a little tropics to my day!


      1. Sunscreen huh? Interesting 😂

        I adore winter. Global warming has taken its toll and it doesn’t snow anymore. I really miss it. I’ve spring allergies and I hate insects and bugs so spring is not my season at all. That’s a really nice thought. If I smelled that salty smell of the sea I would definitely be engrossed in the fragrance, mind and soul.


      2. Wow you used to get snow there? We get quite a few feet of snow every year so there’s plenty to share 🙂 Do the sell Tom Ford fragrances where you are?


      3. Well yeah. It’s not all deserts like most people think. We’ve experienced a large range of climates actually. If only!
        Yes, they do. I don’t look into these things, but I do know that much =)


      4. This smells very similar to a very popular Tom Ford fragrance called “Neroli Portifino.” So if you ever have a chance to smell that, you will know!

        Well I’m not really sure which country you are in , but I know that pretty much anywhere has snow when you reach higher elevations!


      5. Thanks for letting me know!
        Well, I live in Jordan if you’d like to know. True, true. Those places are usually for tourists to see and sadly they’re not in the city

        Liked by 1 person

      6. It does? I didn’t know that 😂😂😂
        Somewhere called uhhhh Ajloun? Idk what it’s called in English but anyways snow is considerably deep there. Can’t go though 🤷‍♀️ Oh well


      7. Honestly? Random facts come to me. I love googling physics-y stuff I guess. But I know these things from family members and news and stuff like that


      8. Oh wow. But like to think of it maybe it’s a blessing we don’t have that much snow. I don’t think we’re built for it-infrastructure and what else


      9. Let’s just say you need some big plows, good heaters, and plenty of salt/dirt to spread around. We also get really hot weather in the summer! 100 degrees F (not sure what that is celsius)


      10. dust is a concern that never crosses my mind here! but we have more water than we know what to do with! are main pipes are so old, they leak half the water that runs through them. but it’s still cheaper to lose that 50% than to bother replacing the pipes! Water straight from the mountain reservoirs!


      11. Water is definitely valuable. It’s pretty expensive and you can’t just drink from sinks like I’ve known some people to do. Sink water is somewhat expensive and it’s not drinkable (it’s not unclean but it’s kind of metallic tasting).

        Liked by 1 person

      12. That’s rough. I’m lucky where I live. We can and I do drink from the sink water But a lot of that has to do with where my city gets its water. In Florida, their water comes from limestone wells and has sulfur in it, so it’s safe to drink but doesn’t taste as good and smells like eggs, lol.

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