Cuir Gardenia by Aftelier is Perfume Poetry.

Both wondrous and wild among florals.
You make men mad to be madly endeared,
Allured to plunge into your soft petals
with charm cherished and ferociousness feared.

© 2021.

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Fragrance Poetry inspired by Cuir Gardenia from Aftelier.

cuir gardenia fragrance poetry review
Photo by KYLE CUT MEDIA on Unsplash

You’re a fauna among flowers.
Seldom to settle down.
Both wondrous and wild.
Making men mad and madly in love.

At times, I plunge into your petals.
Soft, satin and smooth.
You’re a Garden of Gardenia.
And I’m inebriated in nectar.

But your dichotomy is dramatic.
You’re not frail and feeble foliage.
Pull your Petals and you will Prick.
Even, arguably, animalic.

To end, your allure is honored.
Your charm, cherished.
Your delicacies are delightful.
And your ferociousness, feared.

Click Here to learn more about Cuir Gardendia. Full Incense by Montale. ©, 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

23 thoughts on “Cuir Gardenia by Aftelier is Perfume Poetry.”

      1. Good luck! The provide samples from their website. They are a neat company that uses all natural products. And I believe they search for the finest versions of those ingredients from all over the world. I found them from reading the perfumer’s book, “Fragrant” (Mandy Aftel).They have a museum in Berkley, CA where you can smell all of the natural ingredients, including antique versions of ingredients you can’t source anymore, like natural musk, or natural ambergris (which is hard to find).


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