15 thoughts on “Fig Tea by Parfums de Nicolai is Perfume Poetry.”

  1. I would love to sip fig tea – don’t think I ever have! This perfume, however, was one I really wanted to try and that really disappointed me when I finally got to try it. Very pale and synthetic. From the discovery kit, L’Eau Mixte was much better for me. What was your experience?

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    1. I really enjoyed it but it’s not my personal taste because it was too soft. I prefer more bold fragrances. I didn’t get pale and synthetic vibes coming to mind but looking back, further in the dry-down I could understand what you mean. I haven’t tried L’eau mixte!

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  2. Floral and Fruity always appeal to me, and the fusion of Jasmine Davana Coriander in this order reads like a three-barreled name, should do particularly well to the sixth sense too.

    Enjoy that cuppa to the tee

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      1. Gosh it’s the ninth of June already and I only just seen your reply. Yes I should’ve taken the fig component into hand. I should take a test.
        We have power outages ever so often maybe this is why notifications fly pass me.
        Wishing you a restful sleep Joe.

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