Aqua Divina (Bulgari) | Fragrance Poetry

Fragrance Poetry inspired by Aqua Divina from Bulgari.

bulgari aqua divina fragrance reviews poetry
Photo by Karim Sakhibgareev on Unsplash

An Aqua Divina swept me away. . .
She was soft, salty with a splash of spice.
I’m not sure sure how I fell for her this way,
The one just sharp enough to still be nice.

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She’s soft.
Soft but salty
Like the unexpected mouth full of sea water
While swimming at the beach.
She’s pungent,
Like the fruit on the counter
That’s so ripe, its scent fills the house.
She has a ginger-like snap:
You’re not sure if she’s being spicy or not.
And she’s just a touch of white florals,
Like a girl who just wants to act
Just A “bit” like a lady
(but not too much).
Yes, Her sweetness is there,
It just takes a minute to shine through.

I don’t know how I fell for her,
But she’s swept me off-to-sea and back
Like an aqua divina.
And I now lay stranded,
Left to basque in her sun
(Or to dry-out and wither?).

. . .I’m not sure,
But such is love. . .

Unfortunately, this Aqua Divina from Bulgari is now discontinued, so you may never have a chance to experience it except through my poetry. Read Poison Girl by Dior. ©, 2021, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

14 thoughts on “Aqua Divina (Bulgari) | Fragrance Poetry”

  1. To be honest with you, the smell of most perfumes and colognes are overpowering to me and often make me sneeze or get a pinched sensation in my sinuses. Most likely, that’s because the scents are applied too liberally. I also have a hard time in supermarket aisles where soaps and laundry detergents are displayed. Likewise, in candle stores, craft stores, Christmas stores and a certain bakery chain that I won’t mention. It’s not that i don’t like the scents, but just a whiff goes a long way.
    We use unscented laundry detergents and unscented soaps and unscented deodorants for the most part. I don’t want to be smelled before I’m seen.
    I started writing poetry a couple years ago while in the woods. The odors are peaceful and soothing, and I think that had a lot to do with it. You will think I’m crazy, but I like the faint musk of a skunk’s passing and the castor scent at a beaver pond.
    Once, I picked up my daughter from a friends house, and felt myself getting angry to the point of rage. I stewed quietly for a couple miles and figured out why. I asked her what I was smelling, and she told me that she had put on some cologne that belonged to her friend’s boyfriend. I told her how it was causing me to feel angry and aggressive, not at her, but in general. That insight explained a lot to me about my impressions and how I interact with men in general.

    Wow, sorry for the book. As you know, the nose knows!

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    1. That’s true. . . I have experienced everything that you described, even where certain colognes can put me in a bad mood. But other ones can put me in a good mood. A lot of the negative ones you are describing are probably due to them being cheap and synthetic. Many popular fragrances also make their opening sprays much more louder to catch your attention in the aisle at Macy’s. Unfortunately, the nicer ones also come with a higher price tag. I also noticed that the quality or vibe of a fragrance effects how I write about it – whether it’s more mature and artsy, or more fun and poppy. I recently wrote a post about the aromatherapy benefits of different particular scents. Unfortunately, it hasn’t received a lot of traction with the readers. It’s more of something I enjoyed making as a fragrance nerd 🙂


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