Melodie de L’Amour by Dusita is Perfume Poetry

melodie de l'amour dusita fragrance perfume poetry

Poetry inspired by the fragrance Melodie de L’Amour from Parfums Dusita

Here is my attempt to make a poem on what I consider a perfect fragrance – Melodie de l’Amour by Dusita. Beautiful, deep yet simple, high quality. As if I had a jasmine flower in my hand. Versaitle… even could be used for layering with probably anything.

She’s like a white flower in a picture,
Pure and simple, without complexity.
Yet I stop, I study and I savor
an unsaid poem. She’s a symphony…

Just for fun, here is a near-perfect replica of my poem for Melodie de l’Amour by Dusita… But in French! I hope you enjoy it. Even if you don’t understand it, it just sounds great!

Elle est comme une fleur blanche sur une peinture,
pure et simple, elle est sans complexité.
Je m’arrête, j’étudie et je savour
Un poème non-dit, une symphonie. . .

Instagram @thefragrancewriter. More about the Perfume by Dusita, Melodie de L’Amour. More Poetry from The Fragrance Writer, Pegasus. © 2021.

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