Rehab (Initio) | Fragrance Poetry

Fragrance Poetry Inspired by Rehab from Initio.

rehab initio fragrance poetry review

I can’t tell if it’s real
or if it’s fake.
Small purple flowers
sparkles from a lab.
Not too soft, not too strong;
no counterfeit.
It’s time for my heart
to go to rehab.

Click Here to learn more about Initio Parfums. Read Amber Tapestry from Aftelier. Photo by Ryan Spaulding on Unsplash. © 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

28 thoughts on “Rehab (Initio) | Fragrance Poetry”

  1. In my opinion true love is strong and lasts forever, on the contary is only attraction, just like the ice-cream, or curiosity for something new or fancy for something they haven’t had before. As they haven’t known anything, true love, they can’t say it doesn’t exist, is it?

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    1. Well, I’m not sure that anyone has “feelings” that are consistently intense for eternity. Love has to come with commitment to let the relationship thrive even after going through valleys.

      But ya, that makes total sense. In terms of authenticity, if feelings are short lived, I’d rather have them been real and then the person be honest and upfront with me that it’s over if they are done with a relationship. 😎


  2. I don’t know for sure what it is but a special once in a while meal and watching one of my favourite classic movies with me(even when she doesn’t like it) should be some of the big little things that soothe

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