Who is She?

I fall into a dream sometimes at night…
She’s soft, she’s sweet. And she’s vanilla deep.
But every time, she’s gone by morning light.
Like smoke, she fades and I drift back to sleep.

Inspired by the fragrance from a well distinguished, all-natural brand. Follow me on Instagram @TheFraganceWriter. © TheFragranceWriter.com 2022, except where noted otherwise.

Author: Joe | Fragrance Writer

“We were romantics.. We didn’t just smell a perfume; we made it into poetry and let it drip from our tongues like honey.” JK/DPS/JS.

21 thoughts on “Who is She?”

  1. You give us one or two tips
    A natural brand, no name
    Attached, only one flavour
    As a hint, vanilla deep
    Who is She, who lingers
    Till morning light?
    With a reluctance to leave
    As you drop off to sleep
    Quickly roll in the messengers
    To answer thee


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