When riddled by the reasoning of rum,
the time had come to bite a bitter bud.
When, finally, the firing has been done,
through lava I’ll be made a man from mud.

Inspired by the fragrance from a well distinguished jewelry-making brand. Follow me on Instagram @TheFraganceWriter. © 2022, except where noted otherwise.

Author: Joe | Fragrance Writer

“We were romantics.. We didn’t just smell a perfume; we made it into poetry and let it drip from our tongues like honey.” JK/DPS/JS.

3 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. sugarcane molasses or sugarcane juice, distilled, i can only imagine the intoxication
    The most common one known on these shores is the red heart rum. But i love how they age in oak barrels. I must be in an extremely wicked mood to reason with a rum drunk.

    That must be quite a piece of jewelry that reduces a man to mud.
    It feels luck a big change wrought from a melting furnace.

    Beautiful word placing

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    1. Thank you Joe..
      I was a bit on a wild goose chase and only read properly that the fragrance is that of a Jewelry brand. That’s interesting with rum as a base note …
      Wonderful, born of lava.

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