Remember Me

Have half of me and then you’ll see the truth,
Like reading years from rings inside a tree.
Oh Niseans, make me a legend, too!
To guarantee the world remembers me?

© 2022

Author: Joe | the Fragrance Writer

An Original Blend of Fragrance and Poetry. "It's here that I pretend to write and perfume is my muse."

7 thoughts on “Remember Me”

  1. You’ve travelled far to pick up some notes.
    This us so weird, I was thinking about you in recent times.
    And here you come along talking in an ancient tongue.
    I can’t believe you heard my thoughts.

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      1. Yes, I see this phenomenon everywhere, also great and seasone poets are collaborating on a massive scale with each other.
        Amazing what technology has done.
        Although I must admit I still enjoy the drawing room poetry and that feeling of book club reading of not too long ago.
        Yes, the way poets and authors meet and dialogue has changed tremendously.
        I can’t keep up😂🙂

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