This Is NOT. . .

This is NOT a fragrance blog. . . this is a POETRY blog! But one that loves scents! I like to call it, “A Collision of Fragrance and Poetry.” The Fragrance Writer specializes in taking beautiful scents and bringing them to life through creative writing. But you’ll also find poetry about a wide variety of life experiences, as well as collaborations and writing tips.

Why “The Fragrance Writer?”

So you might ask, “Why mix fragrance and poetry?” Fragrances have an immensely powerful effect on our mind and our senses. They can connect us to times, places, people and things. Fragrances can make us feel an old way. They can make us feel a new way. To put it short, fragrances hit us deep within our souls. . .And that’s where I get inspired! The best poetry comes from deep within our souls. So the better question is, “WHY NOT fragrance and poetry?”.