Dia Man by Amouage is Perfume Poetry.

Fragrance Poetry inspired by Dia Man from Amouage.

dia man amouage poetic fragrance review

I woke up in paradise
Bright and green
A vase of your peonies
By my bed
Perfect moments
Beyond what can be seen
I’m waiting here
For as long as I can

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The first moment of the day.
Fresh – Happy – Bright.
The window, slightly open, let’s in
the scent of Green, spicy plants
baking in the soft morning sun.
Those same yellow, mellow beams
stretch from their sleep
across my face.
Next to the bed, a jar of white flowers.
Gently wafting my eyes to close again.
Next to me, my lover still lies.
Precious. . .peaceful.
I try not to disturb.

Today, I woke up in paradise.
I try not to think too much –
I don’t want to ruin this moment
with the cares of to come.
Perfect moments don’t last.
And with day comes night.
But I hold on to moments
like this
As long as I can.

Journey Man by Amouage is Perfume Poetry

You’ll toss away my tobacco again,
Just like you’ll beg me to stay when we part.
To the Sichuan fields until who knows when,
It’s just another new “Journey” to start.

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Fragrance Poetry inspired by Journey Man by Amouage.

Amouage Journey Man Poetic Fragrance Review
Photo by Will Porada on Unsplash

The smell of Sichuan peppercorns
are embedded in my clothes
from the season’s harvest.
I came home in time for the holidays.
Little red peppercorns hung on green leaves:
That was my early Christmas Tree.

You can say I live a spiced life,
travelling from one place to the next.
Sometimes, men feel the breeze on their face
and hear the call of the wild – for freedom.

I know the routine well,
when I walk through the door.
First, you’ll grab me in your arms.
Then, you’ll throw out my tobacco
And lay out a proper suit. . .
. . .And you’ll ask me to stay.

But, soon, it’s time to move on to the next harvest.
But I linger for a moment, thinking, this time I might stay.
After all, every man needs to start a new “Journey” sometime. . .

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