A Cold Rainy Day | Poetry Remix No. 19

Life is Beautiful, cold rainy day
Photo by Dean Rose on Unsplash

It’s a cold, rainy day in the streets.
Grey smokey clouds fill the sky.
I warm myself with a cup of hot, black coffee.
That’s the motivation that warms me.

My feet drag as I walk down the street:
Left, right, avoiding today’s puddles.
Dodging has become my life.
But you can’t dodge everything.

I sit and I watch others go by,
peeking between the bars I’m behind.
Like trapped animals, we all live in cages,
either afraid or enraged, wishing of escape.

I look outside, and the clouds are grey,
like smokey tears, or an old man’s eyes.
And I think, “What is life?”
It’s to know that the sun still shines on the other side.†††

Time to Run Away

© Jonathan Pines and WritingWithStrangers, 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

Time to Run Away | Sonnet | Remix No. 17

Time to run away and never come back.
So. . .can you feel me? No, of course you don’t.
You never see me, or much less than that.
I’m all alone, even when I go home.

Time to run away and never come back.
The whole world is waiting, so why am I?
I’ve never been more ready to attack.
I’ll live my life – my way – before I die.

Time to run away and never come back.
I’ve made my world as I imagined it.
But, still, I’m cold with the clothes on my back
and love from strangers leaves me desolate.

When I ran away, I didn’t go back.
I remember it was snowing that day.
Like death from winter, my days now turn black.
I wrote my fortune, but it’s not that way.

Where is all the love I dreamed there would be?
Last night I dreamed I didn’t run away.
But as hard as I try, I can’t break free
from nightmares in my mind that come in the day.

It snowed the day I decided to stay.
A sober light woke my nightmare away.