Addictive Vibrations (Initio) | Perfume Poetry

Poetry Inspired by the Perfume Addictive Vibrations from Initio.

Don’t blame it on the incense sticks
When I lost you in a square courtyard of trees –
It was just a dream,

Where trees had every little white flower,
And pink ones too.
Each one was just as delicate as you
[Just as pretty and fragrant].

Every night I have this dream.
But don’t blame it on the incense sticks
That ember my passions.
I’m just high on good vibrations –
Vibrations of love in the heart.

I’m addicted to this feeling
That I only get when dreaming of you.
So, my love, when will we meet
In real life?

P.S. The name is this fragrance can’t help but remind me on the Beach Boys B).

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