Dia Man by Amouage is Perfume Poetry.

Fragrance Poetry inspired by Dia Man from Amouage.

dia man amouage poetic fragrance review

I woke up in paradise
Bright and green
A vase of your peonies
By my bed
Perfect moments
Beyond what can be seen
I’m waiting here
For as long as I can

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The first moment of the day.
Fresh – Happy – Bright.
The window, slightly open, let’s in
the scent of Green, spicy plants
baking in the soft morning sun.
Those same yellow, mellow beams
stretch from their sleep
across my face.
Next to the bed, a jar of white flowers.
Gently wafting my eyes to close again.
Next to me, my lover still lies.
Precious. . .peaceful.
I try not to disturb.

Today, I woke up in paradise.
I try not to think too much –
I don’t want to ruin this moment
with the cares of to come.
Perfect moments don’t last.
And with day comes night.
But I hold on to moments
like this
As long as I can.

Memoir Man by Amouage is Perfume Poetry

I go to Artemisia to find peace.
Where the smell takes back to who I am. . .
I decompress, inspire and release.
To keep my soul centered as a “Memoir Man.”

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Amouage Memoir Man Fragrance Review
Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

Fragrance Poetry inspired by Amouage Memoir Man.

The lush gardens are where I find my peace.
I decompress, inspire and release.
Everyone needs a retreat – and this is mine.

My roots are planted deeply in the earth.
My heart burns strong in a flesh-and-bone hearth.
I’m ready to lay hold of the day.

When life pulls me where I don’t wish to be,
like a storm that gusts me stranded at sea,
I have to recollect my way back home.

When I’m lost, I think back to who I am. . .
Keep my soul centered as a “Memoir Man.”

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Jeremy Fragrance Interview.

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Ashore by Amouage is Perfume Poetry

Poetry inspired by the perfume Ashore from Amouage.

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When will life’s currents return what was lost?
Like a bottle-at-sea, I’m turned. . . I’m tossed. . .

Happy reminders of us at the beach.
Were dispersed as sudden thunderstorms brewed.
All our fulfillment was now out of reach.
Rip-Tides and ripped hearts separated you.

Like a widow’s walk – I never gave up.
Like Jasmine, hope would bloom but fall again.
Souvenir memories – sand in a cup.
‘Til waves let you out again in the sand.

FInally, my long-lost love washed ashore.
Just. . .I don’t recognize you anymore.

More about the perfume by Amouage, Ashore. More of my latest poetry, Virtus. Poetry © TheFragranceWriter.com, 2021. Photo by Dids on Pexels.com.