Amuze Me (Amuze) | Perfume Poetry

Poetry Inspired by the Perfume Amuze Me from Amuze.

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Photo by Diana Măceşanu on Unsplash

I see you there, savoring a fruit tea
In a coffee shop – You’re such a rebel.
I see you there (please stop staring at me)
In your flocculent, apricot sweater.

You look embraceable – like a pillow,
Like a dream that I could fall down in to.
I’d love to get stuck under your arms, though,
Like I was boxed within your caresses.

You amuse me – but I’ve been pricked often
By the hidden thorns of other roses
That you can’t see until you reach for them.
Tell me, what type of sweet rebel are you?

Click Here to learn more about the perfume Amuze Me from Amuze. Read Fever from Jimmy Choo. © 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.