Are We In This Together | Poetry Interlude

are we in this together
Photo by Dev Asangbam on Unsplash

Are we in this together?
What we have here – is constantly unclear.
Different races, like contrasting cuts of leather.
I may be crazy – You may be weird.

Are we in this together?
You have gods I never heard of before.
You’re an introvert – like I was, too.
I say “Hello” but you shut the door. . .

Are we in this together?
He was just striving to give life substance.
Or lay to rest anxiety. . . depression. . .
She just wanted to give writing a chance.

Are we in this together?
Maybe communication is the thing we lack.
If you want to try and make this work. . .
When I leave a comment, do you promise to write back?

Are You on This Ride, Too? © 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

The Taste of Two Lovers | Poetry Collab with WildHeart

The Taste of Two Lovers. . .

the taste of two lovers
Photo by WildHeart

Coffee or chai, they ask. . .
Why does a choice have to be made?
Like it defines your personality,
Like you can only love one. . .
. . .Or can you only have one love?

Of course, there’s my dear coffee…
With its caramelized smell
That sweep me off my feet,
And it’s oh so yummy taste,
Which wakes me from my deepest slumber.
Black coffee without sugar,
For when I’m on a diet,
Or looking for an extra push.
Milk coffee with extra sugar,
For when I need my comfy caffeine,
To deal with the world, so tiring.
And fun filled cold coffee,
Always with some new twist,
That’s my favorite chill pill!
Oh! How I love coffee!

Or. . . is chai the one I love?
She woos with with her aroma,
As she grinds her cardamon with mortar and pestle,
Like an enchantress building a love potion.
Then she adds hot cinnamon and fresh ginger,
A real spice of life!
Throws in a medicinal bay leaf, like I’m sick
And my only cure is her love.
She mixes the magic of the tea leaves
And smooths it out with white milk
Finally, she sweetens her deception with sugar
So, when I kiss the cup, I’m in eternal bliss
And by the time I’ve drunk my fill
I’m head-over heels in love.

I guess I should have known from the start,
There’s many chambers in my heart,
Some secured for coffee,
And some for my dearest chai.
They each have their own magic,
To choose one. . .would be tragic!

Check out WildHeart’s blog, Wild Scared Crazy. . . Click Here to check out my last collaboration. © Wild Scared Crazy &, 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.