Kalan (Parfums de Marly) | Fragrance Poetry

Fragrance Poetry inspired by Kalan from Parfums de Marly.

fragrance poetry review kalan pafums de marly
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

You see every one of my merits
As things to be wanted,
Like imported spices,
Zests, like precious woods
Spritzed with exotic peppers.

And yes, I have the fire,
The passion,
The confidence
To make you happy;
To play your game
– and win.

But, in reality
I’m more like a blood orange:
When you cut me
I still bleed red
from this heart of gold

So please,
Lend me your affection
Before this heart of gold
hardens to amber.

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Side Effect (Initio) | Fragrance Poetry

Fragrance Poetry Inspired by Side Effect from Initio.

side effect initio fragrance review poetry
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Examining every move on our date,
I studied you sitting opposite me.
I had a slice of vanilla-rum cake.
You were content with cinnamon candies.

I now had courage to say how I felt,
But thoughts were like tobacco in my mouth.
My stomach only became more upset
The longer I refused to spit them out.

I knew my words would be strong and shocking,
But I had hoped they would settle sweetly.
“. . .I love You. . .”
But your affection was like your candy.
Before long, it dissolved away from me.

A side effect of false confidences –
Words still linger in the back of your mouth.
But don’t think that I need condolences.
Because now I’m fearless to speak my heart!

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The Jeremy Fragrance Interview

Jeremy Fragrance Interview
© Jeremy Fragrance, 2018. Used With Permission.

Today we are looking at a special Jeremy Fragrance interview, the number one fragrance Youtuber and video blogger. What do fragrances and poetry have in common? And what advice does Jeremy Fragrance have for fellow bloggers?

The Jeremy Fragrance Interview

[Q]uestion: Let’s start off with the obvious question: What are the best fragrances for poets, men and women, and why?

Jeremy: I say some nice Whiskey and Smokey Tobacco Fragrances. Creates an atmosphere of an Oldschool Gentleman that thinks about life and what he has seen in life. Good example: Lord George by Penhaligons.

Q: So you’ll coming out with your own specially designed fragrance that will be for sale in the near future. Do you have any specific, “poetic” tag lines in mind for the promotion of your new fragrance?

Jeremy: No we keep it very strict simply efficient, we don’t do much on logos or fancy poetry lines all we want to do is to help people smell absolutely modern, very sexy, long lasting and save them time with the trust in our brand.

Q: Now, when you’re creating your videos, you’re doing something that is actually quite similar to what we do with poetry. You stand up in front of a mic and speak out words; words that are designed to create excitement and emotion in your viewers. So what tips would you have for us poets in creating that same sort of excitement and emotion inside the readers?

Jeremy: Speak with your heart, which is hard these days.

Q: Nonetheless, you have such a successful video blog – the top of your genre. So what one tip would you give to fellow bloggers who want help growing their blogs?

Jeremy: I made it my way, I wasn’t happy with the current market situation and did it how I wanted to see it as an end consumer. you can take this every market and business idea, this mindset.

Q: So now, one final question. What song or poem, lyrically, has really touched you the most and why?

Jeremy: A song by the Western Star who sang I hurt myself today, you feel every sentence he sings from his heart. its johnny cash.

Thank You!

I’d like to thank Jeremy again for participating in the “Jeremy Fragrance Interview.” You can find more from Jeremy Fragrance and his brand by clicking on the links below.


2020 Update

Jeremy’s Personal Fragrances Released – See Fragrance Poetry inspired by the two of them below!

Office for MenDate for Men

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