Gyan (Bulgari) | Fragrance Poetry

Fragrance Poetry inspired by Bulgari Gyan.

Gyan Bulgari Poetic Fragrance Review
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Tell me the riddle of the seductive,
With dense desires suspended in air
And faint pheromones that are abductive?

Romance was created by The Divine,
And secrets held in your sapphire eyes.
They’re a treasure to explore – and make mine.

The final spice of life to discover:
What makes your allure so alluring?
It drowns me to depths beyond recover.

The simple wisdom that God has passed on:
How man loves a woman. . . There is no “Gyan.”

Collins Dictionary defines Gyan as the Sanskrit word for “Knowledge.”

On their website, Bulgari describes this fragrance as one of insight and sophistication – attributing to it the name “Gyan” – as well as the use of the Blue Sapphire, representing the same. However, When I smell patchouli, the overwhelming affect I get is one of mysterious attraction. I decided to tie two themes together – but with a twist – writing a poem of mysterious romance that – although being created by God (for our enjoyment!) – can also never be truly understood.

Proverbs 30 [NLT]: “There are three things that amaze me— no, four things that I don’t understand: how an eagle glides through the sky, how a snake slithers on a rock, how a ship navigates the ocean, how a man loves a woman.”

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Fragrance One – Date for Men

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Date for Men (Fragrance One) | Fragrance Poetry

Fragrance Poetry inspired by Fragrance One – Date for Men.

date for men fragrance one review
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Let’s not complicate this. But not fake this.
You’re so cute – I decided to take this.
I’m feeling playful tonight. . .


You’re the kind of guy that can hypnotize.
That “player” cologne. . .that look in your eyes. . .
I think I’m stuck on you. . .


Come on, there’s more than just “player” to me.
But my deeper layers take time to see.
Just give me a chance. . .


Feelings hit the hardest when I don’t even try.
You seem like a “real-man,” I can’t deny.
But I need to know for sure. . .


Just do one thing for me. . .
Before we try to decide if it’s fate.
Let’s just unwind – enjoy what this is. . . “Date.”

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Amouage Memoir Man.

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Memoir Man (Amouage) | Fragrance Poetry

Fragrance Poetry inspired by Amouage Memoir Man.

Amouage Memoir Man Fragrance Review
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The lush gardens are where I find my peace.
I decompress, inspire and release.
Everyone needs a retreat – and this is mine.

My roots are planted deeply in the earth.
My heart burns strong in a flesh-and-bone hearth.
I’m ready to lay hold of the day.

When life pulls me where I don’t wish to be,
like a storm that gusts me stranded at sea,
I have to recollect my way back home.

When I’m lost, I think back to who I am. . .
Keep my soul centered as a “Memoir Man.”

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Jeremy Fragrance Interview.

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