Symphony Hall | Short Poem No. 3

I’m in the symphony hall.

There’s the sound of a violin as I walk down the street.

I’m hearing sweet music play, the drum is my feet.

My mind is the bow that slides on the strings.

This happens whenever I think of you

(the warmth that you bring).

Symphony Hall

I’m just a simple boy, but I’m leading a symphony

when, in my mind, I pursue thoughts of you and me.

But the music never stops because we finally have each other.

And plays the symphony of the night

as we walk down the street (hand in hand).

Your voice is the melody, the winds makes a harmony.

And making rhythms as I walk,

it’s the symphony of the night.

Photo by Tim Wright on Unsplash.

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NYC Streets in Love | Short Poem No. 2

On the NYC streets, searching this city with you,

Two dots on a mountain or in the ocean blue.

We’re searching the world making memories.

We’re spending our money but getting it for free.

NYC Streets

Though the world’s so big, we’re at each other’s side.

We’ve got each other’s back just like Bonnie and Clyde.

And the storm clouds turn grey.

The winds blows down these city streets.

We’ll shine brighter than Empire State.

We’ll catch everyone’s eye, searching this city with you.

Crossing mountains, oceans blue. New York has nothing on us.

We’re in love, we’re just us. Just being me and you.

Photo by Dean Rose on Unsplash.

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Someone Knows Something | Short Poem No. 1

Someone knows something.

A long day coming, came in like a hurricane.

He came to work happy, but now he doesn’t feel okay.

We don’t have to say what happened,

We’ve all been there before.

So he hides inside his house, goes to his room, shuts his door,

And he plays on his guitar the things he feels inside his heart

when the world falls apart and everyone feels so far.

Someone knows something

She came to the world as simple as could be.

She only asked for the little things.

She’s not like you and me.

But the world forgot to tell her that it would be very cruel.

It left her brokenhearted and feeling like a fool.

So she plays on her guitar the things she feels inside her heart

When the world falls apart and everyone feels so far.

She plays on her guitar and prays a little prayer.

And the peace inside her heart lets her know

that someone’s there.

Someone knows something about her.

Someone knows something about you.

Photo by Kat J on Unsplash.

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